Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heart Dreams

Oh boy now I'm in trouble!

Music can do that though. Now I'm off dreaming, feeling, thinking ugh! I remember in college I'd go to sleep...well to bed...and put my headphones on to listen to music & most nights I'd fall asleep but then other nights I'd be like "oh I love that song" and then another would come on & then another...ha! BTW this is one of my favorite Kim Anderson pictures. I see myself in it I guess. Seems like my spirit. I also love hats! HA! My mom & I would go shopping & try on all the hats & be silly & laugh & have soooo much fun. I really miss doing that. Maybe we can this summer. I bought her this HUGE brimmed summer hat for Christmas. I put it behind her Stocking and in the morning you know you are waiting for everyone to get up & open presents & I asked her if everyone was coming & she said I don't know but they better because I WANT THAT HAT! HA! I was hoping she would love it but then also if she didn't it would be mine! HA! No, there was only one! Got it at World Market & guess was only $3! I swear! I'll try to get a picture of it. I have a bunch of big hats, some winter & some summer. I need to find a long black coat so I can wear my winter ones & I think I will make this summer hat season! I missed my era I guess. I would have loved when all the women wore hats!

This next one is the only copy I can find. It is called "I know how to win a heart" :-) Ya, flowers would do it for me too...though I don't like red rosees. I like pink though. He is cute I think. I like 2 other types of flowers though more...Peonies & Lilacs.

This one I really love! I just found a big picture of at a resale shop & bought it. Have to still hang it in my bedroom. Ok, off to dream some more...

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