Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Young Love

Ok, now here you go...the other end of the age bracket!

A 5 & 7 yr old fall in love & elope to get married. They brought a sister to witness it even! I swear it is the ends of the age bracket that gets what love is the most! HA! I hope they interview them. I'd love to know how this all came about! HA! I wonder if he got down on his knee & proposed? I remember my baby brother was engaged to the sister of my friend when he was about 5 yrs old. He had given her 3 engagement rings. Remember those birthstone rings? One day he is crying because my folks would not let him go to the mall with them. Finally, they asked him why he wanted to go & he said he had to get his tuxedo for his wedding! HA! He is still romantic....but he is a putz too. HA

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Rose~* said...

Ha ha ha - what a great story. I remember my first love at 7, and he gave me the mumps!