Friday, January 16, 2009

Mid January...

Ugh...didn't I say I was going to post more often? Well.... Well, the New Year is really something! My mom & dad got back to AZ & the next day my mom had to go by Ambulance to the ER. She is doing great now. She came home a few days ago. She had really low potassium & her electrolytes were low...dehydrated...ugh! They have her back to her normal crazy self! HA!

Classes started this past Monday and what a wild week. Last two days so many schools were off with the freezing temps but not us! Ugh! OMG it is 0 right now! Amazing! Were having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave! HA!

I went to see "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith. Have you seen it? is one of the must sees in your lifetime. Slow & a bit in the dark at the beginning but you better have a box of kleenex by the end. The men were bawling!

I had a really difficult time finding calendars this year. I don't know, calendars to me are like finding your creative spirit for the year. I finally settled on Maxine, 2 different ones for different rooms & then a Snoopy/Charlie Brown Love one for work & a page a day one with my Cat a day one. I'm waiting for the engagement calendar to go on sale, Maxine that is. I'm not totally happy but I guess I'm feeling I'm letting the calendars come to me & suggest what I need for the year. I think about it & it is Humor & Love. Hmmm...that actually sound really good. And they should go together.

I'm doing pretty good trying to get healthier. This back & foot just doesn't make it easy. Treadmilled 3 days last week each for an hour & this week I think I got in 2 so far. Was on my Total Gym doing some squats last week but didn't this week. My back acted up yesterday...opposite hip started to feel like when I herniated my discs almost 2 yrs ago. Today better but from time to time the top of my foot & around my ankle is feeling numb & tinglingquite a bit. Ugh. I go to Acupuncture tomorrow so maybe that will help. I did go Monday. Got my hair down today so that always helps. It is finally starting to grow. I hate when the stylist don't listen to you & do what they want. I like the cut now but it just needs to be much longer. She keeps saying "Oh but the ends are soooo great now & it will grow!" Ya defense mechanism for making me not hate what she did. Ugh!

Doing pretty good last two weeks avoiding carbs & sugar. Just have to get back to how much I was exercising before my injuries really. Something about working out that much that you just can't then ruin it with a soda or chips or something. :-)

I saw Bedtime Stories also & that was cute. I just saw previews for
New In Town (click) . I like Harry Connick Jr. so I'll probably go see it because of him. I think we are going to see the Dog Hotel one with my niece tomorrow.

Didn't get a lot of sleep last night so this will be short. Well short for me! HA! Can't wait for Spring! My folks said it was 70 in AZ today! Oh man! More later...

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Rose~* said...

Hope your exercise routine works out. I'm too accident prone to ever do anything that resembles exercise. Does housework count? LOL - I bet your hair looks nice. I need to get mine trimmed soon. Too frizzy at the ends with all this dry and cold weather we are having, and now it's been foggy for a week. :::SIGH::: Do take care!