Thursday, January 3, 2008

My New Baby!

Hi Everyone!

Well, here is my new baby! I picked up today! :-) It is the 2008 Saturn Vue. I had gone & looked at the Jeep Patriot & the Ford Escape with my dad last week Sat & then Monday we went to look at the new Vues. I just liked it soooo much better. It wasn't so "truckish". I may not be the frilliest feminine woman but driving a truck everyday is not really me at all. My dad came with me, I do value his opinion for so many reasons. My youngest brother had known the owners of the Ford place and they were going to be "kind to me" but I really didn't like the Escape as was much better than the Jeep Patriot in my opinion. The Patriot to me was just so much dash & hood in the front I couldn't look over it all etc. Ended up the guy who helped us with the Vue knew my brother also. He had worked with him for a number of years...luckily I don't think he had a problem with my brother...ha!

I told them I didn't really want the top rails & floor mats since they were so expensive & I don't really need them & they included them FREE! :-) It comes with OnStar for 1 yr. Luckily, I really didn't need it when I was in my accident since the guys stopped to help me. I still have to find them & thank them...especially the officers. I think Mon I'll make sure to do that. I also get hands free phone 30 min for next 2 mo or I can call & for $14.99 I can get 100 more minutes. I'll probably do that. It has a separate phone number. If I had Verizon I could use the minutes on my phone also. I get XM radio for 3 mo free & then $12.95 a month. I listened to the Oprah channel on the way home today & boy...I could get addicted to that. I listened to a whole financial show first on investing etc. Cool! Then Dr. Oz was on with a psychiatrist talking about Political Psychology from a neuropsychological perspective! Loved that! Hmmm? I'll probably be posting about my baby as I drive it more. Not the way I wanted to get a new one but it is really nice. I only had 1 more year on my payments & now 6 yrs again but I guess that is just the way of life right. I did get a bit over 4K for my totalled baby after GMAC was payed off so that helped. This time I also got the extended warantee. My dad is not a fan of that but just know what I payed foron my old one after the 36K miles & I thought it is like they said "peace of mind" that I won't have to pay if things arise this time & really 2 pretty decent things wrong & it pays for itself.

My dad & I agreed on the color! :-) I liked the deep blue & I know my maternal grandma is probably smiling at me...probably had some influence on this. I saw the Outlook & if I had a family I probably would have like that but much bigger & much more on the pocketbook. In fact, my monthly payments will be about $35 less than what I as paying! YA! I liked the Cocoa & this Garnet color they had in the Outlook but they didn't have them on the Vue. I just got the basic grey material seats. What else...? They have a lumbar adjuster for the driver....YA! I can use my back hugger inside now. It was GREAT! No armrest for the right arm now! The 2003 Vue the armrest was a different level than the door armrest...drove me crazy. More spots for storing things! 36 presets on the radio for FM, AM or the XM all together! :-) I was setting those today. They don't have a Scan button though? That is odd to me. The steering is fluids...and it is really has a lot more loseness to it than my old one...hard to get use to & odd feeling driving in the snow...not sure I like that. The steering wheel also does not come down as much as I would like. Not sure on the chair adjustment. I got it up higher which was nice, but so far either it feels like it is not forward enough or too much. I'll see. It not only has the traction control but stability control. I was reading about that on the web before I went looking & thought that would have been great to have had a few weeks ago! HA! I did have traction & that is funny, I don't remember that light coming on when I had my accident??? The Vues have 5 stars on safety. Maybe that is why I didn't get hurt really with my accident.

OH..OMG...forgot to mention, after we left the Saturn dealership the first day, I'm following my dad & this Jeep is turning cross traffic in front of my dad & spins & goes up in the grass. Then yesterday my dad & I were driving on the highway & this Huge truck comes down the ramp & wants to go right into the left lane about 2-3 car lengths ahead of us...spins also & goes down into the grass median & then comes out...I'm like I didn't need to see that & seeing it I'm reacting not so great. I was also SOOOOO happy that when my dad was driving us all to church New Years Day evening he realized when we got just outside his subdivision that the roads were so much more worse than during the day & decided it was not safe to go to church & instead came home. It was sooo bad! So much worse than the day I got into my accident. You don't know how glad I was. My mom & I were about to say something. but you know it is so much better for guys to just realize it themselves than you telling them! HA! I'm still not great driving and I think driving in my Vue today was really hard for the trip home in the snow. I'm sure everyday will be better & as the weather gets better that will help. It will be 50 degrees this weekend so it will all melt, just have to watch in the evenings so it doesn't freeze.

I have to drive up north tomorrow to see my foot doctor so I keep getting opportunities to feel better. Speaking of left foot, the one I had surgery on 3 yrs ago, is not doing good the last couple of days. I have the soft cast on my right is in the soft cast from my fall the Wed before Thanksgiving again. The tendon that holds the ligaments againts the ankle bone is irritated. Well, he also ultrasounded my left foot last Fri & said the plantars was 1.3mm too thick/swollen. Well, the last two days it feels like a rock in there & it burns so bad! I iced it three times yesterday. It is a bit better today but I'm not sure what he is going to say tomorrow. I was also suppose to see the knee doctor tomorrow. They confirmed my apt & then like an hour later called to cancel that he has to be in surgery so now I go to him on Monday. My knee is bothering me also...ugh! That is my left knee. I'll let you know.(Update...I'm not in my jammies & my foot is on a iced waterbottle...burning again! Ugh!

The boyfriend & I are on the outs! Would have been 7 months Sunday. I have no clue what is going on with him, but he is just not acting like he use to. He won't talk & I can't make him so...just know what is acceptable to me etc. I expressed my feelings in Oct after his step-dad died & then waited to see. I then did last week & then he made me think things were ok & he was going to work on somethings but...We'll see....I'm not really upset because I know what I want, but just sad & I just am really concerned about him actually. I do care about him a great deal...either something isgoing on that he is not telling me about in his life or I don't know. He said he would say if he was mad or upset with me "I'll know..." and he never said anything...I was the one unhappy & said something with hopes we could work it out...but...we'll see or I'll be back on the market! HA! Not that I'm worth much...newer models etc. HA!

So the New Year is bringing some interesting changes. My sister's birthday was yesterday & next week is my older of my two brothers. We are having a big party for him Sat. He will be 40! It will be fun to see family & I will hopefully see my cousin's new baby boy who was born the evening of my accident! :-) It will be soooo great to hold a new baby again. car baby smell! HA! Well, expect the poopie smell! Ha! But don't new baby's just smell so great! Ha! I can still remember what my baby brother smelled like & those jammies that have the covers over the hands & pull strings on the bottom. I loved that. Poor guy will be 37 in Feb & I still remember him like that! HA! And the adorable 5 yr old! HA! 

Gone With the Wind is on TCM now...with the original Intermission. Well, I think I'll lay down & fall asleep to it. Have to get up & call the doc to see if I can go earlier and I have 13 items on my To Do List for tomorrow! Ugh! Ha! I'm so glad I have an extra week off! :-) Just took some ES Tylenol!


chat2missie said...

Looks beautiful!  I've heard a lot of good stuff about the new Saturn Vue.

sunnyside46 said...

congrats and good luck on yor new car...isn't that always the get one paid off...then....
Sorry to hear about your foot and knee probs. Hope you get some releif.