Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We'll Miss You Randy!

For those of you who are not aware, the Chicagoland area lost a wonderful News Anchor last Thurs - Randy Salerno, and in a very sad & tragic way. Last Thurs he & his friend were on a snow mobile & it crashed. Now they are saying his friend was nearly 3 times the legal limit and are going to charge him with his death. I am not at all excusing his friends behavior, but I can't imagine how he feels now. And of course they are not saying if Randy had anything in him...can be a bit of poor decision making there too but what I'm trying to get it just isn't worth it. Afterwards you can't change it! Maybe this will sad consequence will make people think about doing this snowmobiling or boating etc.

Randy is being remembered by family, friends & colleagues as a man who was funny, generous and a wonderful family man. It was wonderful listening to the speakers today, his wife, sister, boss & best friend. I did enjoy listening to him over the years on tv but hearing more of his humor & how incredible a family man he was I just feel so much sadder that we have lost him and in such a sad way. He apparently made sure he worked hours so he would be home everyday when his children got home from school. He was even upset when they went to friends after school because then he would only see them for a little bit before he had to go to sleep. He did coach etc even if it meant he would get less sleep. That is quite a man to me! Just what every woman would want in a husband & father...even if you couldn't all the time, just the desire even & trying to do everything you could to make it possible is just wonderful. And humor...I love men, that can make me laugh. It is just sad to lose someone in this world like this when there are so many people who are just the opposite...we can't afford to lose any good ones.  

If you would like to listen to some of his service today click here.


luddie343 said...

We lose good, we lose not-so-good.  It just seems all the more wasteful when a good soul leaves too soon.  You did him a great service here.  CATHY  

mariealicejoan said...

Wonderful tribute.  It's always so sad when a life is cut short far too soon, especially when it is a needless tragedy and drink is involved.  Praying that his family, friends and fans can find some measure of peace.