Monday, December 31, 2007

Santa Makes a 2nd Stop!

Christmas was sooo special to me considering my roll over. I tried to just approach it normally, but I couldn't! I loved looking at all the christmas packages the are so pretty with all their colors. My sister did bags this year...she said it is actually a good idea for recycling...hmmm I guess so but I still like paper too. I miss when my dad would burn them in the fireplace & you would get all these cool colors. Now we don't do that but maybe one day...God only knows what it was letting in the air that we inhaled & will die of later though! HA!

Ok, stockings! Hee Hee..I love stockings! I got some nice bath things, a cute purple bell ornament that was sis got at a craft show. Socks! I got Socks! I love warm socks! I didn't think I'd like the ones with the sticky patterns on the bottom thinking I would stick to the floor & jar my knee or back etc from it stopping me & then my body still moving forward but so far ok. I got some of those hand warmers that last for 10 hours. A painted little AZ sun to hang up. My sis got me some clothes...a jean jacket but didn't work too good. Sweater...didn't like but she tried & brown pants which I liked but way too big...YA! :-) My brother got me these light purple gloves, hat & scarf I picked out with him at Jewel! HA! I saw it & he was with me & I thought...helps him & I don't have to pay for it! HA! I love them! My mom wanted to steal them. He did also get me Brooks & Dunn Cowboy Town CD! :-) And yes I will admit Barry Manilow's Hallmark Christmas CD...I'm old...he was out when I grew up & I like him! HA! That & ELO & Boston etc when I was a teen...I know odd but...My folks gave us cards with money...which one can always use! HA!

My bro & I got my dad this huge weather station that also has caller ID on it for their home in AZ. It is from Sharper Image. We saw it there on sale when we picked up my bro's Ipod Alarm Clock I got him there for his Christmas & Birthday. His birthday is in about a week & he will be 40 so we are going to have a big party for him. Snuck a Ipod book in his stocking, some Bulls pj pants, which I might add he saw ahead of time bring in bags from the car! Ugh! Then I also got him this Bears snowman ornament. Shhhh got Chris a Cubs one too. I have to get my mom some art supplies from downtown next week. The store is right where I come up to the street from the Metra train. I didn't get to the week before because of my roll over so she got an IOU. She didn't mind though. I had gotten my sis a snowman fondue & then a cute condiment snowman with hats around it but she didn't like them or rather thought she would not use it much. I figured snowman, not santa, can use from like Nov to Feb but that is what I would do so...She loves snowman her a salsa cookbook & then this box of cookie recipe cards. She wanted the Deceptively Delicious cookbook too so I got her that. Found her some snowman coasters for her stocking. She also liked the sister snowman ornament I got her that plays 3 christmas songs. I got my niece one that sings "You are My Sunshine" I use to sing that to her when she was a baby.

My mom & dad went nuts over the Sombrero ornament I got them in Geneva! I hope it can get to AZ without breaking! I got them a cactus & a pinata one last year. Mom also loved the long sleeve shirt I got her with roses on it. It looked like one she stole from me many years ago that is really time to throw out but she just loves it. Oh I forgot I got my little niece zebra pjs too..she loved them.
I snuck a small box of Whoopers in my dad's stocking...he loves them & then some photo magnets for the fridge. Chris had found this Chicago Polish book and when I looked in it there were so many places I knew & then I freaked because someone we have known our whole life is in there with a recipe spread. I was so excited to give it to my folks. My dad wouldn't go on opening presents...just like the books on old time cars I got him for fathers day! :-) I also got my dad some glass piece tiles for stain glass stuff he wants to do & put them in his stocking. Oh & I got 3 of those Cognitive books that you look at the two pictures & try to find the differences.

I found the ornament...this is the one I got myfolks!

I found some tablets with snowman on them for my sis. I kept one! :-) My sis made a roast which was real good for dinner. We never had roast on Christmas...usually Lasgna...and left overs from Christmas Eve for lunch. Maybe I can make Lasgna for New Years Day? Not sure what I'm doing yet? I watch A Christmas Story a few times during the day! :-) Parts kept coming on. Oh that & Miracle on 34th Street...both versions! Oh...and my dad came in the room & started to watch the old one with us. He watched it like he had never seen it before. I thought really? Was he that busy when we were kids? He had a so much of a blast with it when the newer version was coming on he came back to watch it also! :-) I told him there were a few twists that were different. I loved him watching with us & will never forget it. I stayed the night & feel asleep looking at my grandpa's porcelain Christmas Tree. I had my contacts out & the colors blurred & looked so cool! Made me miss him. My little niece & my dad now put the little lights in now. It looks like the one below but ours is bigger & much nicer!

Well, I think that is about it? I probably forgot some things...add later...watching "Because I Said So" is 4:30am! Ha! I just looked...well I was falling asleep at 7:30pm even though I think I slept 8 hours last night. I laid down setting my alarm for an hour but it didn't go off? Slept until 10:30 so...I got my jammies on now though & I'm going to lay down & watch tv. It is New Years Eve...I have no idea what I'm doing? Don't ask! I'll let you know how it goes though!


mariealicejoan said...

Oh my but it sounds like you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.  Love the sombrero ornaments!  I bet I spent that wrong didn't I!  You  and your family sure know how to make the most of the holidays!  Happy New year to you all!

swibirun said...

Santa was extra generous, I see!  

It's funny how socks can be a great present when we get older.  I got my first pair of wool socks this year.  I LOVE them.  I'm actually happy it will be 18 degrees here this week just so I can wear them with some sweats and lounge around the house!

acoward15 said...

Happy New Year!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas..wishing you an awesome new year!  Hugs,TerryAnn

princesssaurora said...

Awww... it sounds like you had a really nice holiday!  I am so glad you are well!

be well,