Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Your Laugh for Today

OMG...I am crying from laughing so much! Need a good laugh, check out Mary Louise's post! And you know...laughing is good exercise! HA! In fact, if you don't laugh enough, your stomach muscles will hurt & that should tell you something. Ok, so today's goal is laughing. Got something that will make us it in the comments & we share the laughter! :-)


mariealicejoan said...

oh darn... I can't think of anything funny!  Grrr...

chat2missie said...

Oh my!  That was really funny.

sunnyside46 said...

here is my funny
A man who was reknowned for writing the childhood favorite "the Hokey Pokey" died this week. Adding to the family's sorrow was the difficulty experienced by the funeral home workers in putting the gentleman in the coffin. They put his right leg in....and then the trouble started.

helmswondermom said...

Today on the phone with my 83 year old mother, she was in the middle of telling me something when all of a sudden she paused and then asked, "Am I talking into this thing right?!"  She said that all of a sudden it just didn't feel like she was holding the phone right or something.  She had a good laugh at herself.