Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Ok....I couldn't find a piece with just the you'll have to fast forward this to 1.24 min for the reminder but SIGH...that kiss! HA! I know it is late at night not good to watch things like this now but...and Sam Shepard...he could warm me up! HA! And he is playing a Vet...ha! Mom just might be right! You know I like this movie on so many levels & I just can't go into it now because I'm just focusing on that kiss! HA! Maybe a later posting! :-)


mariealicejoan said...

Can you believe I have never seen this film?  Neither can I!!  It looks great!

luddie343 said...

Geez I've seen this so many times over the yrs and Sam S can still turn my knees to jello.  Wasn't it a great flick?  One of Diane Keaton's best works, and it was a success financially and critically.  Any true-to-life film about boomers ends up a solid hit.  Thanks for the memory-lane trip!  xoxo CATHY

helmswondermom said...

Love this movie!