Monday, January 28, 2008

Old Man Winter is not that Old!

Ok, doesn't look winter wants to "give up" this year! Old Man Winter is dancing up a crazy storm this year! That Ground Hog Saturday is going to say "Right" and just stay inside warm & comfy!

Today was mid 40s & it is suppose to start with 46 tomorrow but then the floor drops out! Low 3 for the evening. We already have Winter Storm Warnings! Afternoon we are suppose to get a change from Rain to Snow. They said the standing water & slushy snow will freeze quickly. We just had a bunch of snow melt today! Then up to 45 mph wind gusts with white out conditions! Oh ya...I want to drive in that! See I'm not that crazy & I wouldn't have even gone out with that type of warning the day of my roll over! So I'm not going to PT again this week! I'm hoping if this is going to be afternoon they just cancel my class at 12:30 because I don't want to even be driving back home in this! One good thing, the garage door guy is coming in the morning to FINALLY replace my door! So I can get my new car in the garage before this storm hits & then after & my baby will not get ice/snow on it & I won't have to walk as much with my cast!

So pray everyone who has to work & is out in this nasty storm stays safe...especially our officers, EMTs etc who will no doubt be very busy tomorrow again! I'll of course post something tomorrow night so you know I'm safe & sound & update you all about it. Maybe it will miss us like last couple of years but so far this year they have been pretty accurate. I wonder what this all means for our summer?

Oh, forgot to tell you...knee MRI says just arthritic changes but everthing else is normal! YA! Now Fri I get the MRI on my ankle so 1 down & 1 to go. My back was bothering me today though? Maybe new gym shoes...higher & now my cast is lower & so maybe from walking differently. May have to wait & wear the shoe I was last week until I get this cast off.

We have 23 mph winds already...GEEZ!


mariealicejoan said...

We've been having a pretty mild winter so far.  We did have about a week of quite cold weather but since then it's not been too bad.  Far too much rain though.  I'd rather have snow.

chat2missie said...

We've been having a good winter.  Not much snow thank goodness!  Have a good one.

sunnyside46 said...

you are making me cold just  reading abou that
I bet its your cast bothering your back.
Stay in and warm and cozy.