Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...


Well, seems a few people were worried because I haven't posted in a while. So busy! You know we had an extra week off this year & I still could have used another week off. I think just because of the accident. That delayed so much and just took a lot of energy out of me I think. You want proof I've been busy...I've had my new SUV now for 13 days & I now have over 1200 miles on it! It had 30 when I picked it up! Nope I'm not kidding! Ugh!!! It is from going up north to my folks & back so much I think. All my family is up north so? I'm really loving the 70s channel on the XM! HA! I know I'm pathetic but I'm like Ahhh I remember that song & sometimes where I was & what I was doing etc. I'm is official! HA!

My folks went back to AZ & I miss them already! They want to treat me to going their for spring break. We'll see. I want to see what happens when I get this cast off my foot next Mon. I went shopping Sat & both my feet were killing me. I went to see Fred Claus also...pretty cute. I didn't get to enjoy the week before Christmas so I thought I would try to still take them in at the supersaver for just $2! :-) I also get my MRI on my knee on Mon so that will make a difference also. I went to PT in Chicago yesterday & I wasn't too bad. I was a bit tighter on stretches but she still pushed my legs way beyond 90 degrees. She could never believe I could before with my lower back problems so she says they are good. She killed my upper back by my shoulderblades with her elbows. Probably needed it though.

Sun was my cousin's son's Christening...happened to be the day Jesus was Baptized also! :-) It was a lovely day. I got to see many relatives again. My great aunt was going nuts over football scores the whole time...she is a hoot! I got the baby this cute NBA kinda jumpsuit rain thing. It is a thin spring or fall thing. Got it for 6-9 mo though & then a long sleeve polo with orange & blue stripes...daddy's college colors (UofI) :-) A few other items too. I got his sister a baby boy doll also so she could have her own. Man, I remember when my baby brother was born...I would have been 6 yrs old...he was my real live doll...diapered him, fed him etc. To think now I still don't have kids...ugh but man I do love them. His sis is going to be 3 yrs old next month & is singing full songs! Her mom did that baby sign language & man can you see the difference. I'm sooo sad they are moving! I'm meeting my cousin on Monday to spend some time with them since I have off for MLK. We'll probably hit the Cookie Dough place...she loves it! I can never eat even half of the little cup! HA! But I take it home & have a bit each day until it is done ha! My little niece will be coming, not sure if I'll have her through Mon? Oh & I got my cousin's daughter these 12 (I think) bells that all ring a different tone...from Hobby Lobby. They are numbered & have songs to play. Like Bell Ringers...which I love!

I am doing much better lately except when it snows. I'm just questioning my judgment since obviously last time I was not good. And we have snow headed our way from 9am-4pm! UGH! I have a night class tomorrow so...we'll see. I have to go pick up my knee x-rays and I also have to go to court for 9am to just show I do have an insurance card. Just with flipping couldn't find anything. Everything was all over & out of my purse! Luckily, I found my cell phone & charger before I left. There was so much glass I didn't want to go digging. Nope, I had not got it in my glove box yet...still in my side pocket of my purse.

Classes started Monday & so far ok. I have so many more students this term? In a way I don't mind but in another way it is nicer to have smaller classes & know your students more. We'll see how things go. All I know is we are closer to summer! :-) Oh, we do have some major flooding down was up to the foundation of the houses up along the river. It is down a bit now. Should keep getting better. One town south though was just flooded so bad they canceled classes for last week & I think this week.

Ok, well I'm doing "pretty good" and just taking it day by day! I'll try to keep you posted!


mariealicejoan said...

Great catching up with you and I'm glad all is well.  Love your graphics this morning!  I have never been to the cookie dough place but my mind is thinking it must be a good place to go?  How could anything that closely resembles cookie dough be bad?  My middle son used to play in a bell choir.  I do so love to listen to them.  I hope your cousins daughter loves the gift!  I'm a 70's gal myself!

sunnyside46 said...

good to see you are alive and well.
I hope you keep recovering

acoward15 said...

I struggled to read this entry. Not because of the content, but because of the background music. Your journal, your choice. Just not mine!
It won't stop me coming back though.

psychfun said...

Well you can read after the music ends. I'll end up changing maybe next week. I like it though...:-)