Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update: Doc

Just got off the phone with my doc's nurse...she laughed that it is really going around! Said it is VIRAL unfortunately & that it takes about 5 days for the burning feeling to go away! UGH! GREAT! That should be fun teaching! She is going to call back with a decongestant for me to take! That may help!

I just made some scramble eggs & I think I'll lay down for a bit. Maybe an hour. I'm starting to feel like a truck ran over me...maybe a small one right now but...I have class from 12-3:15 & then office hours for an hour to get through today. I am showing a movie for part of them & then some review. Maybe I can handle that. I wish I could just stay in bed in my jammies, have my soup and watch old I Love Lucy reruns or something. When I get home it is back in the jammies & I'm sleeping!


chat2missie said...

Feel better!

slapinions said...

Good luck - I hope you feel better but if it's anything like the cold that hit my house you might be feeling ill for quite a bit. :(

Nice to see you on my site again today - I missed ya :)


mariealicejoan said...

awww... I hope you are feeling better soon.