Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Blizzard Has Arrived!

OH baby! It was 53 degrees this afternoon! It is now 8 degrees!!!! Old Man Winter is Screaming at us now!

Dusty & I just looked outside the window...OMG...the snow is twirling in circles & it is so hard to see across the street! I know one bro & my sis are home but I still have not heard from the other??? Ugh! I'm not sure if it is the storm or what but I have been feeling kinda queezy today. My back was not as bad this morning, I wore the shoe I have been wearing the last few weeks rather than my new gym shoes. Tylenol seems to help 90% so...just took some more. Maybe it is just overall uneasiness left over from my accident with the storm today? My niece was sick one day last week, I hope I didn't get something from her on top of my cold that seems to be leaving. We thought it was just something she ate because she was fine after it came out. HA! That sweet thing, she got sick all over the bathroom & her sheets & she cleaned up the sheets putting them in the washer & didn't wake up her mom. Her mom did see the wall in the bathroom in the morning...she is 10 yrs so didn't do a perfect job & her mom said why didn't you wake me up & she says, "You needed your sleep mommy!" Isn't that just the sweetest!

I'm so thankful I'm nice & toasty & inside & do not have to be outside. Again, think of all those who really do have to & pray they will stay safe! We'll see what they do about classes tomorrow. The warning is now until 10 am. My classes do not start until noon so? I did get my garage door replaced this morning! FINALLY! My landlord ugh...and at least I know it is not just me that thinks he is lacking in many areas. The garage door guy said he really does not like dealing with him since it took him 9 mo to pay a $80 bill. The fact that my landlord lives in another state & not one adjacent to me should say something! The guys next door cut the grass because the left over dandelions get knee high & still nothing is done! When I first got here like 8 yrs ago they had services cutting & spraying the lawn...now this place doesn't even get the hallway floors washed...we do it. The only good thing is my rent is fairly low considering new places that are equivalent. I have my own washer & dryer & a 2 car garage!

Well my other bro called but he is not home yet. Ugh! What a goof! What an example for me! Ha! He should have learned from my roll over! Oh but you know he is a guy so he can handle it...right! HA! He is "going slow" ya...like I wasn't! Ugh! The only ones that are loving this weather & good at it would be the Polar Bears! HA! Ok, maybe penguins etc but...and pretty soon they will be at our doors! HA! They will take a "vacation" Ha! Ok...he is home! I can go to sleep now! HA! I'm so glad my car is in the garage right now! :-) I did miss PT today because of the weather & I missed last week which is not good. I'm really needing my back to be worked on now. Sigh...we'll just take it day by day & try to make it to next week. Stay Safe Everyone!

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swibirun said...

Be careful if you go out.....there's bears in your front yard ;)