Monday, January 7, 2008

Here We Go Again! Ugh!

Well, I went to see Dr. Z. on Friday. I went prepared with my boot & crutches in the car just in case. I had a feeling my left foot, the one I had surgery on 3 1/2 yrs ago, was seriously in trouble. It was like a rock across my foot just before my heel & it was burning so bad for the 2 days before. I iced it 3 times a day & that is pretty bad if you get me to sit down & ice it.

Well, he came in & ultrasounded it & said it was a bit down but since I was icing it that probably was bringing it down. He said anything over 3 mm it would hurt & mine was 4.3 the Friday before so he was surprised it wasn't hurting me. Well, I got to almost the end of the following week? With the soft cast off my right foot he poked & prodded & managed to find spots it was still bothering me. He asked me if the soft cast made a difference in how it felt & it really didn't. He said then I had no choice it was going to be casted. I think he wanted to before but was trying the other to see first. He then said he thought some cortisone in my left might just help and smiled. I was not to keen on the idea of course. He said well if you give it one more week of rest you could be back next week doing it so...he then whips out the autoshot for numbing up my foot real fast. I told him he was a bit to eager to zap me with that thing & he laughed. What a masochist! I think all the men in my life have paid him to torture me! HA! I thought about my extra week off & maybe by the 14th when students come it would be better with this. If I went the week & then it was still bad I would then have to start classes with it still hurting. I really have learned to listen to him...he doesn't steer me wrong & I trust him completely.

I said, well, I thought you just might cast both my feet so...but then I thought no way. He said, I have in the past & I thought about it. I couldn't believe it. Again, I think he is trying the cortisone to try to prevent it. At least this time it really did numb my foot. I didn't look, not that it bothers me but if you don't see it sometimes you can't see & it doesn't hurt so much. It burned just a bit at the end. Then we were off to the cast room. This time he didn't make me get on my tummy which is great...I hate not seeing what is going on & God knows I don't want him seeing my big butt! HA! Might just get extra from those men to jab me in the tushy!

Well, all I could think of is my back is really not going to like walking weird! I put a call out to my PT to see about that? I don't know about walking downtown & at night? I'm not sure too if I can do the exercises? I'm going to try at home. I have the cast on for 2 weeks & then we check. Then I do I drive? Ugh! And in a brand new car! Well, I have turned into the car in front of my dad who he yells at all the time! HA! I go slower & leave tons of room & do not care if people get mad or pass me. I actually saw the minimum was 45 on a 65 & thought ok...I can't not even believe I thought of doing that! HA! So far I'm ok. I mean I live by myself & have to drive to work starting Wed so? I didn't tell my folks, just showed up to my brother's 40th birthday party Sat & then explained. Many of my relatives were hugging me & telling me how concerned they were about my accident...wish the boyfriend...or shall I say "EX-Boyfriend" was there to see it. Ya...there were just things that I was not too happy about before and they were getting worse. I think I knew for some time but all this just made it really much more clearer. We had fun at the party but my left foot started to burn again. Dr. Z. had said 2-3 days for the cortisone to start working but probably sooner. Today I went for some groceries & it was still a problem. I walked slowly but man I wanted to just get home & put it on ice. Hopefully tomorrow it will be much better.

My cousin came with her new baby boy! The one that was born the night of my accident! He is so adorable. He was born 6lbs 4 oz & they lose a bit right after so he was soooo tiny. It was so odd to hold a new baby again. I was just so glad to hold him and meet him. I whispered a bit in his ear while he slept when I was left alone with him. :-) Then my cousin told many of us that her husband got a promotion & they are moving to CA in March! UGH!!!! I'm happy for her but not for me! Probably 3 yrs & then they may get to come closer, perhaps St. Louis. Her brother will live about 5 hours away from her. Her brother is getting married in June out there & her sister is getting married in Oct. I thought her sister might head out there but she says she won't? I remember my cousin being born & now she has 2 children! We exchanged some belated Christmas presents & then her daughter who will be 3 yrs in Feb was singing with my nieces Karaoke Machine. The girl was singing full songs from Beauty & Beast etc! I was like WOW! She did the baby sign language before she could talk & she just is off the charts!  

Tomorrow I go to see the knee doctor...he is just going to shake his head when he sees me walking in with a cast, cortisone, my back etc! HA! I'll let you know how that goes. Then I have to go to a new dentist. My dad retired from dentistry & it has be soo hard to find a new one. He supposedly uses the Waterlase drill...I thought go for the no pain! HA! I'll let you know how that goes too.

Well, just have to take it Day by Day...remember that song? It is from was on my XM radio in my car the other day. I'm loving the XM they are going to get me hooked! I have to add it this to my journal so you can listen. Not meaning to push the God thing for those of you who may not like it but I'll change it after a while! Just inspiring to me!

Well, I'll let you know how things go! 2008 better be just healing me up at the beginning for a fun rest of the year! :-)

This is the Christmas Card I gave Dr. Z (haven't gotten the rest of them out) with a Portillos Chocolate Cake for him & his staff...didn't help...still in a cast! HA!


chat2missie said...

Sorry you had to go into a cast but maybe now your foot will heal correctly.

sunnyside46 said...

you have had such a difficult time and still manage to stay so cheerful. I admire your attitude

luddie343 said...

Congrats to your cousin, and to you for dealing so well with the medical crapola you go thru.  I can guaranty 2008 will be better, if the stars can be believed.  Stay well!  Heal and be happy.  xoxo CATHY  

swibirun said...

I think your panty hose are too tight....your leg is turning blue ;)


mariealicejoan said...

My goodness it all happens at once with you doesn't it!!!  Love the toenails though!  They go really nice with the pretty purple cast!  I hope it all heals properly and that you up doing a jig in no time at all!  (((hugs)))

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Now how did I miss this..sure hope you are doing better! Take care and have a good weekend!  Hugs,TerryAnn

princesssaurora said...

Wow... you have really been going thru the wringer huh?  I am so thankful you  are alive, what an accident!  I am praying for you to heal fast and well.  You have such a great attitude... you are an inspiration!

be well,