Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just the Color Changes...well...

Well, my niece said to get pink but they did not have pink so purple again...

Yep, 2 more weeks. My ankle looked much better as far as swelling but when he asked me to push his hand it hurt quite bad behind my ankle bone...it surprised me how much actually. I asked him why it was hurting when I did that exercise against stationary things before he casted me & it didn't hurt like that. I asked if it was just from being weak in the cast for 2 weeks & he didn't think so. He wants to keep it in the cast because some people walk around with tears for months & it slowly tears more & more & then just ruptures and he doesn't want this to happen. Dr. Z. wants me to get an MRI on it but I have to get approval from Work Comp first. I got an MRI of my knee yesterday & dropped them off at the doc today so we'll see on that soon.

I did go get a pedicure today even with the cast and change the color of my toes! :-)  My nails were so long they were digging in my boot for my cast. I just had to get them taken care of. It is also hard for me to take care of my casted toes myself. It did perk me up too so, have to make it a fun to get through it. I think Dr. Z. made the cast thicker this time & it is harder to walk on...have to flatten it a bit...probably trying to get me not to walk if I know him! HA!  It doesn't like to shop...so you know it is sick! HA! I did get to sit for a while while I got my pedicure & that helped!  (When is AOL going to have a smiley button for journals...ugh! It seems easy to do...how hard can it be?)

I did find a comforter on 60% of the sale price! It isn't a down one, which is what I set out to get...it is a down alternative but was much fuller. The down ones had spots that had no down...hard to explain but...it was regularly $180 but I got it for $48! Boy...maybe it is just me but an awesome sale is almost as good as.... ;-) HA! It is a medium purple/periwinkle. I can use it for a different color on white sheets, even with my light purple sheets & then I had bought a white duvet from IKEA & I'm hoping I can put over it & it won't show through. Hopefully it will work out? I also got a Willow Tree Ornament with 2007 for $2.25! They are regularly $9! What a day! HA!

Oh forgot to tell ya my day didn't start out great...well I guess it depends on perspective. I actually had a 4 day weekend! I only had one class today & when I left early this morning to come back home from my folks, my car door would not close...then when I got it closed it would not open. UGH! So I had to head to Saturn & they put some stuff in all my lock latches so they would not freeze up the rest of the winter.

I had fun with my little niece this weekend. We went to see The Golden Compass with my brother! It was really good! She had not seen it yet. I am looking forward to the next one. I think I would love to ride a polar bear if that was a possibility! :-)

Well...my eyes are starting to get tired! More tomorrow...


chat2missie said...

I like the purple!  Your nails look great too!  Have a good one.

sunnyside46 said...

you are so cool for having a pedi in a cast!

mariealicejoan said...

Love, Love LOVE the toenails!  They're fab!  I Love your perspective on life.  You seem like a really cool person.  Wish you lived next door!