Saturday, May 20, 2006

When Baseball Players Fight!

Boy will be Boys! HA!

Ok, I'll give Barrett a point for a pretty good hit on Pierzynski! HA! Did Pierzynski deserve it? Well...ok so he was excited & happy but don't tell me he wasn't trying to push Barrett's & the Cubs buttons rubbing it in with the slapping of the plate & the push to Barrett when he got up!

Now would I have preferred Barrett just do the same & get Pierzynski to make the choice of hitting...might have worked out better but....NO...I'm not for violence, but ask me if I wasn't excited when the benches cleared! HA! Isn't that just pathetic!

I will say Pierzynski can take a hit, but then again look at his size in comparison to Barrett, so not a big achievement if you ask me.

Now I loved Darrin Jackson's (announcer) comment that "I dont' care what MLB says, you want to get out there because if you are the last man in the dug out when the fight is over you will be in trouble with your teammates!" Ultimate Conformity! Great example for my class this summer! HA! It is true...just think of what would happen. Sad but so true. Unless you are some huge guy that no one is going to mess with, but then you probably are not going to be in baseball! HA!

It is a shame the Cubs couldn't use the fight to get them excited and play better. It is just helping the Sox now.

Just pathetic...Sox win 7-0! UGH!!!!

Talk about Boys being Boys....
Well talk about tv violence influencing you...ha! After the Pierzynski vs Bartlett fight Dusty jumped off my legs, where he was getting quite a lovely massage I might add & you'd think relaxing him, and he goes & sucker swatts Country. Country wasn't even facing him. Laying down minding his own business. Then after I yelled at Dusty he went & did it again. Country was a good boy "for once!" My guess Dusty thought Country was invading his space. You know it is great feeling to have guys fighting over you but somehow this is not quite what I had in mind! HA!

P.S.  Ha! I just had to add...they were just playing "Why Can't We Be Friends" showing Sox & Cubs fans together...guess they should play that in the locker rooms! HA!

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swibirun said...

See, that's why I watch UFC....those guys REALLY know how to fight;)