Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Anyone got an Ark?

Well this week isn't too bad since I'm still stuck grading but if it rains the whole 3 weeks I'm off someone is going to be in trouble is all I got to say! This is just pathetic! The river is so high right now!

Ok, I'll give it next week because I plan on doing "DEEP" cleaning anyway, but after I get everything clean & organized then I want to go play outside! Anyone want to go play with me! ;-) Gotta find my bubbles, kites, sandbox toys etc! :-)

Yep...I'm in a playful mood! I was at Petco...well I had to get crunchies for my babies...they just don't like Paul Newman's idea of catfood! Sam & Ella needed filters etc. Sam & Ella really need a 90 gallon tank! Anyone got one they want to sell cheap! :-) I also need a farmer's table it can go on!

So I saw this tinnie hermit crab....it was soooooo cute.... :-) He is drinking some lovely water & lots of different fruits & dried food! Heee heee heee! Then well I found this cute fish tank for my desk last week. I'll take a picture later & so I had to find a fish to go with it right! :-) I mean staring at a bunch of rocks in water just doesn't bring down my bp! Double fin all brown one! Trying to think of a name right now.

Then I had to go fill my spirit with fun...I've been grading all day and listening to faculty with end of the year items & negotiations & just....sigh! So I watched this cute bunny who was hopping so cute & came up to me & licked the glass when I put my finger there! HA! Then the long haired teddy hamsters...I like those & the cute little mice. They had about 8 males in a tank all trying to go on the wheel at once...pathetic...trying to show off their machoness! HA! They were climbing on top even...trying to compete & top each other! They would get their legs caught & one his head caught...what they will do to impress a girl! HA! I swear if I had a house, I'd have the whole place filled of those colored trails tubes! Have to rig them up somehow going down the wall of stairs etc. All the kids in the neighborhood would be over playing at the crazy lady'shouse! :-) Fine dining...hell no! HA! You know my foot doctor told me he was going to find me a lovely vet to date...I need to call him to come through with that promise! :-)

They had some big rats too, but they were not very well fed apparently. The two we had to do experiments on in college were heavier. You had to hold them with two hands. We each had a male & female & we had to weigh them, take their temperature (oh ya that was real fun! HA!), then we would try to condition them in a Skinner box & then we also fed them & tracked their weight & laps on the wheel. Males ate more & exercised less & weighed less...see ladies I have the proof! I think there was a maze one too...hmmm forgetting already! We had chickens too in Experimental Psych. No that was Comparative psych for the rats. Chickens were in their inbetween stage of development & we made a box with a color wheel & had to condition it to peck to certain colors etc. Fun stuff! 

The fruit flies in Genetics were actually the funniest! Poor Dr. Romano, we were his first class! He was only about 5 yrs older than us. I was part of his "3 Musketeers". I have no clue why he came up with that name but maybe because the three of us girls sat in the first row & heckled him all the time in class! HA! Let me tell you heading to campus at 4am because you have to get the offspring out so they don't breed with the parents or sibs was not fun. You're half asleep...sometimes well a bit "happy" and trying to look at them under a microscope...HA! They are coming out of the anesthesia & flying around...you're like there goes my grade flying away! HA! What fun that all was!

Ok, that was my break! I have to find something to eat...no I haven't & I know but I was having fun at Petco! :-) Then a bit more grading & off to dreamland! I was actually in bed by 1:30 last night (this morning) AMAZING! I can't remember the last time I was in bed that early! HA! Well my classes don't start until noon so...and it probably had something to do with watching the Cubs (replay) lose ANOTHER game! Ugh! Maybe if they get rained out it will help! HA!

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rap4143 said...

Try having fun :) Wanta going shooting with our cameras? Where do you live?