Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Calling all Crocodile Hunters????

Ok, is this just me but is this one of the smartest ways to catch an alligator?

Why don't they call Steve Irwin to solve the FL Gator problem? HA!

Can you imagine explaining this one to your boss. Think he'd get workman's comp? HA!

Now wouldn't this just be great for a resume or job interview! ;-)

The gator is probably thinking "Appetizer & dinner...YUM!" HA!

I don't mean to make light of this situation as 3 people have all died...wonder why women are more appetizing to crocs? You think it is male crocs or females? HA! Again, sorry but sometimes you need to just laugh off the stress of sadness. It is really sad that the environment for the crocs is causing this. We really do need to help out our fellow animals on this planet.

And yes I know there is a difference between crocs & alligators but it was just easier to write crocs & I'm sure Steve Irwin will still come! HA! 

Think Michael Douglas will come? Ha! (Romancing the Stone!) Anyone else up for the challenge? Any "real life Jesses" out there? :-) Could be some mighty fine boots! No I'm not in favor...just a joke! Anyone hear Jeff Foxworthy's joke on his stingray boots...someone asks him if they are waterproof! HA!

Ok, enough....  :-)


imgr8phil said...

I think this whole entry was a crock!  LOL  Women are not just appetizing to crocks either LOL   Anyway, have a great hump day tomorrow and stay away from the water.


lurkynat said...

do you like Michael Douglas? I love the Steve Irwin comment

lurkynat said...

do you like Michael Douglas? I love the Steve Irwin comment

deslily said...

they definately could use Steve Irwin down there.. sheesh..   Michael Douglas was great in Romancing the Stone.. but..he's not as young as he used to be anymore, better stick  with Irwin lol