Monday, May 22, 2006

Want some Stewed Monkey Heads?

Well I don't think I ever told you, but I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes. (Click the pix or the link to see the full scene.) Does that explain anything about me? I wonder if there is a personality test which explains who you are based on what comics you like? HA! There should be. Maybe I should create one & make some extra spending money? HA!

Now this one is AWESOME! It is sooo true! Make food fun for kids & they will love it! :-) Make it a game that they really learn math, like adding how many they eat or subtracting from what they have or if we add 2 of yours to daddy's how many does he have now? Etc! Everything can be a learning experience if we take the time with them. That is what I do with my nieces! :-) Make the food into a pictures etc. Kids are just soooo much fun aren't they! Dang, now I miss my nieces! Can you imagine your kid saying, "Mom, can I go to Calvin's for dinner because they are having Monkey Heads!" HA! How about a kids restaurant where the menu has things like this...hmmm I wonder if you would still have to have a gender specific pages of menu or at least some options right. Have to ask the kids. Ok, who wants to start this restaurant with me? :-)

My favorite are Calvin's Snowmen! HA! They are just so hysterical! I have about 5 or so of the books. They are a sure fire way to get me laughing....where are those books...I need that right now, although sometimes it hurts to laugh lately with my pain....and I can't stand shallow laughs!

I love that last panel! HA! Dad needs to lighten up & have some fun & explore! :-)


imgr8phil said...

You know, when you are a kid there is one more thing you like to do with fook, have a food fight!  Anyway, have a great Thursday and take care.


helmswondermom said...

I like his snowmen, too.  Loved this one; I'd never seen it before.  When my daugaht was about 4 years old I was cooking turnip greens one night and she looked in the pot and said, "Wow, leaves?  We're having leaves tonight?"  She tried them and liked them, and for a long time thought it was so neat that "her" mom sometimes made "leaves".  She knows what they are now, but still loves them.

swibirun said...

I absolutely LOVED Calvin and Hobbs and have books myself.  He ranks right up there with Bloom County and The Far Side.

Got the test created yet?