Thursday, May 18, 2006

Test, Tests & More Test Ugh!

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday. They changed me from Prilosec to Nexium. Said Prilosec causes gas. Lovely! You cure one thing & cause another. I swear it is all the meds causing our problems...where is Kevin Trudeau! HA!

I have to have a CT done next week & some Hydrogen Breath Test for 3 hours the first week of June which indicates what bacteria is in your stomach I guess. Had some blood tests done also. We'll see. Still got pain on my right rib cage front & back. Ugh. Just trying to take it slow & moment to moment. They are checking on my Adrenal gland too. Apparently, the doc was a bit upset noone did a follow up on it. I told her it was my understanding all I had to do was watch my potassium but she didn't seem to think so. She said it has been 2 yrs and noone reCTd it.

Well, I tried some Kashi Vanilla Oatmeal today. Pretty good. Not too Vanilla though? I LOVE Vanilla. I bought this 7 Whole Grain Pilaf they make too and I want to try it tomorrow. I made this pasta last night...Orzo I think? It is like a rice pasta. Pretty good. Trying to eat small amounts throughout the day so my stomach can handle it. Eating & then ending up not able to do anything the rest of the day is not great so...

I also bought a few weeks ago some granola & cereal by BearNaked. Anyone try that yet? Pretty good. Look at the nutrients & what they don't have in it!

Felt a bit like I was going to pass out Tues afternoon. Now just a bit wobbly at times. Need to go out & get in the sun a bit. Trying to relax. I think tomorrow I'll go to Eric's Traditional Yang Tai Chi class. Eric is great and he didn't use to have classes in the area so I want to start. It is evening so that will be better. We'll see how today goes though. My feet are freezing right now. Ugh! The hospital forgot to do the CBC test. My doc called to tell me & I have to do it next Wed when I go. That would check my iron again.

Ok, more later!

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deslily said...

well, it sure sounds like you need the tests so it's good that you are having them done.  I hope it turns out not to be too serious and you get to feeling better soon!!