Saturday, May 27, 2006

QVC Delivers!

Well, yesterday the UPS guy rang my door. I was just thinking if the day before's ring, that I did not respond to, was UPS & the door bell rang...freaky! Well, he rang 3 times today and it was enough time to grab my robe & head to the door. I think he'll ring longer...ha...I came in my short cotton black robe. He smiled! HA! Oh boy! I don't get it...not like I had even taken a shower yet so give me a break!

Well, my QVC order came in (past posting) with the Dr. Dyer book & CDs...YA! I started to read it last night & it is pretty good so far. Only at about page 30 but we'll see. The major emphasis right now is what you say to yourself you will attract. Makes perfect sense...Power of Positive Thinking idea. What does your inner voice say to yourself?

Yes, as you can see I did end up ordering the Apple Chips! HA! You get 8 cans. Well, they just had Fuji Apples, no preservatives etc. The using them on salads really got me! :-) I like putting grapes & almonds etc on my salads. Not bad to use instead of potato chips etc also so...we'll see...I haven't tried them yet but I'll let you know when I do. My favorite apples are Braeburns, though they haven't been tasting as good lately. They are not as red either. Hopefully soon they will be for the summer. They use to be so crisp & crunchy.


lurkynat said...

I love positive thinking!

rap4143 said...

OMG it has been years since I ordered from QVC...I just threw out my card from them yesterday LOL.

swibirun said...

Please keep up the reviews on the Dr. Dyer book.  It sounds very interesting.  Have you ever read "Healing the Addicted Mind"?  We spent the evening playing board games at our neighbors house last night.  She is a psychologist and was telling me about that book.

Ha ha ha.....The UPS man has a crush on you, The UPS man has a crush on you.  Quick, go order some more stuff;)  You know you like those tight brown UPS shorts....


shadierush said...

I agree, keep up the review of Dr. Dyer's book, maybe I'll buy it too!

imgr8phil said...

I thought at least you would have a picture of you in the short cotton black robe! LOL  Glad you are so happy about the delivery and happy reading.  Take care.