Monday, May 29, 2006

Chicago: Min. Wage $10 + $3

One of my brothers is actually at the Cubs game. I'd actually be jealous but it is 92 degrees with 85% humidity...ok perhaps a bit cooler by the lake...but in a huge crowd??? I'm kinda glad I'm watching the game from my lovely air conditioned living room & easy access to all my needs! :-)

This was a interesting piece in yesterday's NY Times on Chicago trying to raise the minimum wage for big stores like WalMart to $10 an hour plus a $3 an hour extra benefit. Wow! They have more than enough City Council members signing it already to pass it. It would go into effect next month.

They are saying it is an attempt to preserve the middle class. I'm not too sure how effective this will be. I mean why aren't they thinking (I know, I know!) that if they have to do this increase in pay someone else is going to pay? Ok, so now these people may be able to pay for gas (ugh!) etc but then will our prices go up so they the rest of us get hurt. It is all a game! Ugh!

Don't get me wrong, we are negotiating now & I'm all for a good raise myself but it just seems like as soon as you do get a raise then gas or groceries or something else goes up & eats that raise away. Then you get another raise to cover what has gone beyond the last raise & it starts all over again.

I'm not being ungrateful. I know there are many earning less than me or have no jobs & would love to be in my position, but it also just makes one really wonder how much an advantage these council members are really going to achieve.

And, as one person stated in the article, how can you designate a janitor at Wal Mart in Chicago should get so much more than at a bank. Well, that does happen from company to company & different locations in a state or state to state. I'm also not for a set pay for every occupation but...I mean all teachers get different amounts too. Am I just more confused now...YEP! HA! I just think this is not going to help as much as they think. What do you think?! :-)


siennastarr said...

I think... therefore I am..  ohh.. umm... right.. that wasn't what you were shooting for was it? lol

I think that I wish that the hospital where I work would give me a 3.00 raise than I would be making as much as the LVN's do! lol  It won't happen though.  Hospitals are cheap when it comes to forking out the raises to their employees.  Unless your a doctor or RN.. otherwise, forget about it!   I think that if WalMart employees go up to 10.00 for mininum wage.... then I might have to consider going out on strike!
Good for WM employees....not so good for others like myself!  You know if WalMart does get that pay increase, there will be complete anarchy!  hee  
I will be the ring master... oh, yes I will!  ;p


lurkynat said...

Dearest Deborah,
Aha!:) yup..I've seen this game and it is coming from a combination of unions and governors: they both want increased power through increasing their revenues