Sunday, May 14, 2006

Everyone...thing is SICK!


Ok, I've not been feeling well on & off for over 2 weeks now. Last Thursday I'm suppose to go to a concert & have fun! YA! My brother surprised me & treated me with tickets for my birthday. Everything is going perfect & we head to the concert. We get to the concert & there are no cars in the parking lot. I'm like "Are you sure you have the right place? The right date?" We look everything checks out. We get to the gates & there are officers passing out flyers...this was not good I'm thinking. Lead singer gets Laryngitis! Ugh! I'm like "sure"...but maybe! Then we notice on the sign it says in big Red Letters POSTPONED! Well we checked, nope didn't say it on the sign the directions we were driving! Ugh!

So then we head back & make a stop at Target. A few minutes before we are leaving I get this real sharp thin pain near my right hip. I'm like "What the heck is that?" Happened 2 more times but then nothing. We get back & I have something fairly bland...just boneless breast of chicken & boiled potatoes. Ugh! I felt like I was going to passout all night. In the bathroom on & off. Finally, got 2 hours of sleep & woke up feeling the same way. Oh & I forgot to mention my face had some blotchy red areas....not quite spots?It was all red & hot but no temp. Once it was 99. I have no clue! Called the doc! They think it is the antibiotics I was on for 2 weeks or I caught a bug or I got the bug on top of my antibiotics screwing me up & so it can't handle it. They said my gallbladder my also be part of the problem. They know I've had a stone in it for a few years now. Yep got some pain on the right rib cage but nothing severe. I have no clue. My sister took off Friday to stay with me. She is so sweet....except she upset me once....ugh! You'd think when a person is sick you would leave them alone!

I'm confined to eating rice, mash potatoes, toast & apple sauce. Isn't that just fun! Ugh! I headed back home last night to see how it would go. So far not tooo bad. At least I haven't felt like I'm going to pass out since Fri evening. I can't stand that feeling especially if I'm alone. Probably have to go into the doc tomorrow & have them run some tests. Great first day off! Oh then when I got home & logged on I find my computer has all these emails that it is sending out & I haven't been doing it! If you got one I'm soooo sorry! So my computer is sick too! Ugh! I contacted AOL & they had me forward everything to the TOSReports and change my password. If you received some stupid thing on investments from me sorry...."Wazzzn't Me!" :-) Watch your sent folder! Well, as soon as I'm feeling better I'll try to catch up on reading postings and getting back to all your emails.


mtrib2 said...

Sorry you are not feeling well.    I have had a draining ear infection that has me not able to do much outside.     I got hacked with emails being sent from my mailbox for a fake AOL greeting card that wanted the recipients to click to view.    I got an email from one person thinking that I had sent it that thought I was sending spyware.    There were over 100 sent from my email and I contacted AOL tos about it.    Then I deleted them all that were in the sent and I had to get my AOL account re-instated for dumping them.     I have not had that problem in a long time and I was informed that it most likely was from an email I opened.    mark

eml625 said...

Hope you feel better soon .


lurkynat said...

Get Well Deborah! Im so osrrya bout your dissapointments and problems but remember tomorrw is another dy! wishing you some lucky days Sunshine!love,natalie

helmswondermom said...

Hope by now you're feeling better (and your computer, too.).