Friday, May 19, 2006

Feline Friday

I put "loopy" because I'm still not feeling real good. Trying to graduating on what I'm eating. So far ok but still causing some problems. Ugh!

Here is my Feline Friday entry for (sometimes) Photoblog. This is Dusty (his formeral name is Dakota) when I first got him! Wasn't he adorable. You have to click on "View Larger" to see real good! He is "My Baby"! Even though sometimes he doesn't like to be loved so much! HA! He is like me I think...he loves to be loved & hugged & kissed etc but can only take so much & then ok, lets go have some fun! HA! Then he comes back for more! ;-) You know he still hops & runs around like he did when he was a kitten & he was 16 yrs old this past March. The 2nd picture is the ribbons he got when I showed him in his first year or so. 1sts & a few 2nd place depending on how many cats were competing against him & who the judge was. They have their past favorites and prejudices on types etc.

Later I found out he was a Nebelung. The description is even...

"Like the Russian Blue, Nebelungs make affectionate, devoted companions, though they may be initially shy with strangers, particularly young children. Nebelungs may take a little extra time to adapt to new homes. The breed is quite rare and is available currently only in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia. "

Well I'm not shy with children but he can be if he doesn't know them. He also HATES hats of any kind! I can't even wear one or he freaks.

Now Country I adopted from my brother. He is affectionately nicknamed "Osma" since he terrorizes Dusty! He also is an attention hound! Ugh! No comment on the attention hound part matching my bro! HA!

It is a no wonder my clothes have cat hair on them. Dusty never got in the dryer so I was quite surprised when I found him in there for the first time. More like scared the heck out of me when I put my hand in to grab clothes. Good thing I didn't close the door & turn it on! HA! But then Dusty got closed in the flues. My folks had a double flue for their fireplace so that helped getting him. What the cat was doing up there I'm not sure. Maybe he smelled the raccoons who would invariably make a home in the winter time there. I think I posted once before he saved our family from a raccoon that got in the house once. We tell him he adds lives when he does heroic things. :-)

Well I'm going to have to take some more recent pictures of them this weekend if I can! And Sam & Ella man...HUGE! I'm not sure I can hold Sam with one hand & take the picture with the other anymore! I'll try!


deslily said...

I was reading this when your comment on mine arrived lol... gooood thing you saw the cat in the dryer before you turned it on!!!  

there are 9 cats here, but booboo kitty gets most of the pictures lol.. Angel was nice to let me photo her without running and hiding lol

lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwwww Dusty is such a pretty cat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to you Lisa

lurkynat said...

awww! lol its funny about allof that cat fur isnt it? our dogs do the same thing!
get well