Friday, May 19, 2006

Home Sick & QVC! Ugh!

This is why it is not good being home sick! HA! I just made my very first purchase from QVC! No, I didn't buy some jewelry, a stud machine to jewel up my lampshade or some of Maria Osmond's Dolls! :-) Let me explain....

Ok, so I'm looking at the clock on my computer & I realize I missed the Cubs vs. White Sox game. I figured hmmm depending on what happened with that game (right) maybe they have the post game or something on. I turn on the tv & see Dr. Dyer listed! Now I like Dr. Dyer. I met him a number of years ago in AZ & he has been quite sweet & generous to me over the years. I am currently reading his newest book "Inspiration" now. Well, QVC has a book of his which is not coming out until Oct AND (hear a "That's not all") 6 CDS for like $40 with S&H). Now early & for that price. The book alone is that price, though I look for the best sales! I think I'm going to be in trouble if I don't switch the chips...mmmm!


imgr8phil said...

Welcome to the QVC family! LOL  Have a great weekend.  Take care.


lurkynat said...

hey Deborah! get well soon! love ya