Saturday, April 29, 2006

World Tai Chi Day

Today was World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day so I was with about 20 other people doing Tai Chi on this dreary & drizzly day! Ick! It was about 58 degrees but it is already going down & is 53 now! It also says rain almost every day for the next week! Ugh! But it was fun & good for the spirit. We were doing it at the same time as people were in 60 other countries. That really makes you feel connected to the world. We went out to the Chinese Buffet for lunch...which my tummy didn't like, so that is why I put frustrated on how I feel. I had some errands to do today & grading of course, but at the moment neither are possible. Hopefully later in the day. My tummy has been odd for the last few days, probably the Augmentin (sinus antibiotic) I just finished yesterday. Hopefully it will settle down soon.

I've been doing Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga & Meditation (our combo package) for about maybe 7 years now? I'll have to check. Last few years I haven't been able to do much due to my foot. I starting to get back into it though. I left off on my Level II working on my Master Level to teach. I'm certified in Tai Chi in a Chair though. The first 10 months I did it was great & then I didn't go for 2 weeks because finals week was approaching & "I didn't have time!" RIGHT! I got a migraine. I went to take some migraine meds & I'm out. So I call my pharmacist & they say "Sorry!" I'm like "I have 3 refills what is the deal?" Not good to be aggravating a person who already has a migraine...not a happy camper. Well they had me look at the was over a year old. I had not taken them in the 10 months I was doing Tai Chi! I really do love it & hope I can get back into it. Last summer just as I was starting again I tore the muscle in my foot they grafted, well the half they got back. We'll see what I can do this summer.

If you go to the Illinois World Tai Chi Day site you will find a link (scroll down) with an explanation of Qi Gong & then a Qi Gong Sitting Meditation which is really good. I just got finished doing it. I'm going tobookmark it myself. Can be a lovely break at work or at home if life is getting to you.


swibirun said...

Interesting entry about tai chi.  I've never tried it, although I do have an interest in how it might benefit individuals with developmental disabilities.  We have a lot of programs, such as horseback riding, Physical therapy, and occupational therapy which many of them respond to wonderfully.  I'll have to look into that.


lurkynat said...

sorry yuo did not feel well get better!
ps hope there was no msg there