Saturday, April 29, 2006

No Laughing Matter!

Just got these today & thought I'd share them with you. It is pathetic though! Man! Click view larger to read them!

Bill Maher had on Ian McKellan (Lord of the Rings & now DaVinci Code) last night. Ian said he has solar panels on his roof & gets so much energy he sells it back to the electrical company. So basically he gets his electricity not only free but makes money. He also said he sold his car & walks now in London. Thought we should all walk to work...right! He has no concept of the suburbs! Ha! Said he was in CA walking & he was walking faster than the cars & buses. HA! Then he said that people get in their cars & they are isolated from others & get aggressive. He said when you walk down the street you can smile & shake a hand & connect. Interesting thought but there are plenty of people walking in metropolitan areas that walk right past each other and still do not do this. I mean some do shake hands, but it is not just because you are in a car that they don't.


swibirun said...

Yeah, but Ian is friggin' Gandolph so it's a moot argument.  He could just summon the Eagles and or his magic horse......ha ha


lurkynat said...

Gee I wish I had solar panels like that!walking is underrated Deborah; however for all errands it is time consuming. love you! happy spring!

mtrib2 said...

I am having difficulty with my dial up downloading so I could not see all of the slide show.    I believe that there was something about the past centuries that people acted more conscientious toward other's in society and then there is the examples of the barriers placed on minority ethnic people so in that respect society has changed for the better.   We live in an instant world of having to have it now, and do not think of those we meet as anything other that part of a purchasing process sometimes.   In many respects we need to slow down and become more social conscious.    We all have to live in this world and share it with everyone.    We need to leave the world for future generations in a state of health and sustainable resources.    A lot will have to change and it needs to begin today in order to have a world that is the best it can be.    mark

helmswondermom said...

Very cute -- and so true!  Especially #4!!  My husband was talking yesterday about getting solar panels and selling back electricity to the electric company.  It's getting so bad, I'm game for anything!  No, walking to work is out for me, at least right now, and I wouldn't want to shake hands with most people out there.