Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter...technically it is Easter! :-) Haven't seen the Easter Bunny yet but if he plans on hiding any eggs here or dropping off some chocolate he'll have to wait about another hour as I'm still coloring eggs! HA! I know pathetic but well mom & dad are in AZ so this is the first year I'm not doing them with them or my nieces on Friday. We usually get them & the rest of our easter baskets blessed on Sat but guess this year will be different. Perhaps it is better. It would be the first year without Father "Uncle" Richie drowning my family with the holy water! He'd always announce to the whole church we really needed it! HA! I really miss him!

I did go to 7 churches on Holy Thursday. Usually I go with mom & dad but this year I went with my aunt & uncle and my cousins & I had a blast. First we went to church up north where my cousin built a house. New church & it was lovely. My cousin's little 14 month old is a hoot. She only says a few words but knows over 40 signs, one of which is Monkey (hand under armpit & then monkey sound) because I bought her for her birthday "5 Little Monkey's Jumping the Bed" book which came with a glove & monkeys on each finger. Well in the middle of mass she starts making the monkey sign & sound! We were all cracking up. Probably Father Richie from Heaven saying we are all a bunch of monkeys! HA! Storms rolled in, spectacular lightning but we still had fun. Dinner at Portillos & then there was a bad start with 1 car (out of 4 at first!) getting lost. Actually, I can't say anything since I went on "explorations" 3 times that day! HA! But I had fun & found some new places so hey it was meant to be! My uncle is a hoot. He is like my, one liners. Like my cousin made a comment that she should of brought "the sheet" meaning the piece of paper with the church names & he says, "well at least a pillow case"...ugh! Then when it was raining he says, "April Showers, so she closes the curtain." Ugh! This is the man who when I met him for the first time when he was going to marry my aunt I was coloring with my sis & he says, "Mmm I love the green crayons, they taste so good!" I'm thinking this good is a bit odd. Now, I'm not too sure that was such a great idea to say to a kid! HA! Eventually, we all packed into my cousins big SUV which was much better. When I was a kid you would walk to all the churches because in the Chicago area there is a church like every couple of blocks. My aunt, uncle & I talked about this. Chicago was pretty much sectioned, not purposely but just all your relatives lived nearby. You'd have the polish area, german, irish etc. So then you would have churches for those who lived in that area. I crashed at my folks house because we didn't finish until like 12:30am!

My nieces won't be in so it will just be my sis & I think only 1 bro? The other one has not been heard from lately...goofy boy! His loss. I think a few friends may end up coming too. We're decending upon my sis! HA! I should be sleeping. Just a bit more coloring & I should be...YA! Had to take those nasty Antibiotics so I had to eat something with it.

I actually have a cute bunny hanging around my place lately! I wonder if there will be baby bunnies soon? Hopefully the lawncare will not disturb them. I don't really want to be feeding baby bunnies. My mom had a knack for always finding abandoned bunnies & bringing them home. No wonder I have a zoo! HA!

Have some fun:

PaZing (Easter Bunny Pong!)

I thought this was hysterical when I found it! HA! Well you know what they say about rabbits! Who Hoo!

Left 2 pix for you to enlarge to see better! This one was too funny! Anyone want to have fun making a caption?

Check out:

Peep Jousting

Peep Research

I can't believe I'm going to say this! Ugh! You know they just don't make things like they use to (shaking head!) Ugh! I was fine with the single colors but I just finished the swirl ones. Now my family has done these since I was a little girl. The dye we use to get came in little bottles with bunny head/ears as the cap. They worked great! Now they have these package ones & they are horrible! They don't mix well so it is just oil. They are not bright colors! Just horrible! I'm going to get my pictures out from when I was a kid & send them to this company & tell them to get their act together or get out of the business! HA! Now I just have to pray I can get them to my sis' without cracking them all. Remember "Truvy's" eggs in "Steel Magnolias" HA!

One other note to self...don't get manicure until after I color eggs! HA! Good thing there isn't anyone around tonight...I would leave a trail of "where I had been during the night!" HA!!!! Can you imagine explaining that one to the relatives when you show up for dinner! HA! Well I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you! I better get in bed & get some zzzzzzz! Oh man, I just put brand new sheets on my bed. If there is even one spot of color this company is going to be buying me new sheets. Maybe I'll use my Mary Kay scrub first. Ok, have fun!

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lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
hugs! whata pretty entry!
yup we didn't die those eggs either this year..but my teen had already died them at another family's house so he didn't miss out! It used to be so fun watching him trying to match wits with us!ha!
Deborah I'm so happy that you had sucha wonderful time with your realtives on Good Friday.