Saturday, April 15, 2006

Where's My Gym Shoes?

Anyone know where my gym shoes are???  Ugh! HA! Ok, I live by myself...ok with my zoo but still...small place & I can't find my gym shoes? This is pretty pathetic. Think my babies are playing games with me?

"Hide the shoes...she'll stay home & play with us!" Maybe it is revenge for a few late nights & them having to wait for their dinner?

I did go shopping for them though. Found a Natural Pet store up north that has organic & natural products in their foods. Freeze dried & frozen treats & I have a spreadsheet going on what they like & don't like. It was also near a Whole Foods so I got to get some organic groceries too! :-) (Don't you think AOL needs to put a smiley's button on the journals so we can use all the smileys available for email!)

I've looked in my "typical places" but they're missing. "Someone stole them" Ha! Did you hear Jeff Foxworthy's routine on when guys yell someone stole the remote! Ha! His wife is so funny!

HA! Found them. Opened box lid was down & hiding them underneath! They weren't in the typical spots though so...

I found this book on the internet  & it is cool. Apparently, these magic shoes will let you do anything you want when you have them on. Ahhhh...wouldn't that be nice? Interesting! Hmmm? Have to think about this some more!

What would you do if you could put these shoes on & do anything you wanted? :-)  

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lurkynat said...

Have huge slumber party wiht my freinds here andwe would all wear comfy pjs and talk and watch movies! hugs and have a great weekend!