Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Every Cell is Tingling! ;-)

Ok, I have lots to post from this weekend but it will take me a bit since I'm trying to catch up with everything from my migraines last week. Started Thursday & had to take off on Friday. Saturday my brother tells me to come up by him & he & my nieces will take care of me. Isn't he so sweet....well he can be at times! HA! My guess is he also wanted me there to watch the girls a bit while he watched his NASCAR! HA! Men! Well this won't be in chronological order but I don't think that will matter so much!

Sunday my other brother (shhhh "Baby Brother") and his 15 yr old (going on 18!) daughter went to Barnes & Noble & check out the CDs. I got to listen to IL Divo. I have seen their CDs but never heard them....OMG!!!!! Lets just say I left with Andrea Bocelli's newest CD & 2 of these guys! I have such an eclectic taste in music! I'm probably the last person on the planet to hear them. Where are the people who are suppose to be making sure I am not missing this stuff that makes me TINGLE! I'll be heading & getting the Christmas one if I can find it tomorrow!

Ok, by chance you have been clueless too here is the link for IL Divo on AOL. There first album sold over 5 million copies smashing Led Zepplin's 25 yr record of being the only band with a #1 Album without a single release! They have some videos on that link. You can listen to samples from the first CD here. I HIGHLY recommend:

The Man You Love
Ti Amero (Amazing!)
Unchained Melody (Well always Amazing but OMG!)
Unbreak My Heart

You can listen to their newest CD here. Ok, here are my recommendations though they are all wonderful:

All By Myself (Which I have always loved!)

Ok, wait I have to stop here & tell you the story on Isabel. I'm in my car listening to this today for the first time...OMG...if I tell you it was like a Meg Ryan scene would you understand what I referring to! ;-) Now this sample is not the best of how great it is. It is when Carlos, the incredibly low Baritone comes in strong! I can't even think of the word! This is why every cell of my body was Tingling! HA! Funny thing is I was checking out their website & watching the video clips & reading the biographies...Carlos reminds me of Dean Martin (for those who remember him!) He has the stance & that Eye brow thing my baby brother has! HA! The one that is a flirt & you think if you trust him you are a fool! HA! Now this not just me! The man has on his Ambition in life to have all the "knickers" of all the women who throw them up on stage on his wall AND in one of the videos he says one of his inspiring singers is Tom Jones! HA! That makes perfect sense & actually after you realize that you can see it in him & even a bit in his voice! Ok, so the bad boys that do it to us...Yes, I've always like Tom Jones! HA!

He reminds me of this one guy in college. He & his brother were big body builders & just oozing with Testosterone! HA! In fact, I just read an article on the difference between Masculinity & Manliness...very interesting & definitely what Carlos' low Baritone voice does  but anyway, this guy in college was Mr. Stud and the summer between my Jr. & Sr. year I was an RA for a month or so for a floor that had no RA for a bit. Now girls are not as bad as guys...I can't even imagine them without one, but even with one you can only do so much. This one girl on my floor, I go to her room one day & she has hardly any possessions in her room. I questioned her & she says, "Oh I won't be here that long, I'm just her to get a husband!" I nearly screamed! Actually, I may memory is going & it would be just the sort of thing I would then...Ok I'd still do it today! Ha! I was like "This is 1986!"...ok, now you can figure out how old I am but oh well, & damn if she wasn't bringing her future husband home to mom & dad within a few weeks & guess who it was.....YEP Mr. Stud oozing of Testosterone! HA! He fell so hard it must have been a 6pt earthquake that day! Flowers & "Yes, Dears" all day long. I actually felt sorry for the guy & anyone that knows me will know that is quite something! Well Carlos is on the website talking about one song that goes "up & up"....basically is blunt & says like a Meg Ryan scene! HA! I'm just shaking my head going how is it he can get away with being "him" in today's day & age?! HA! Ok so back to my recommendations:

I Believe in You (Great message & Duet with Celine Dion though you don't hear her on the sample!)
You Raise Me Up (Actually, I still like Josh Groban's better but this is a very close 2nd!)
Si Tu Me Amas
Hasta Mi Final
Heroe (Never really like it with Mariah but I like their version)
Pour Que Tu M' Aimes Encore (Done in French & interesting Celine has on her main site now but originally in English "If That's What It Takes")

Ok, there are only 3 more songs & they are really great too so that tells you this CD is AWESOME!

Here is the link for their Christmas CD. Ok now here are my favorites:

O Holy Night (Which I love singing in church!)
Ava Maria (For my mom...her favorite & it is growing on me!)
Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) Oh man does this sound like when I was a little girl at my grandparents church! Brings back the memories!)
Over the Rainbow
Panis Angelicus (Carlos is Booming again!)
Rejoice (I like the piano on this one too. I miss playing!)
Silent Night (Always been on of my favorites! This is horrible I want spring & this is making me want the Christmas season back! HA!)
The Lord's Prayer (Sounds so lovely with Carlos)

I hope you listen to some of these on those links! Someone wants to "Wow me..." you can take me to their concert in FL in June! ;-)

Since I mentioned Andrea Bocelli maybe I should link his new one as well! :-) Amore is the title of his new CD...come on, how can it not be good then! :-) You will recognize many of these! My favorites:

Besame Mucho
Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)
Mi Manchi
Somos Novios (It's Impossible) 
L' Appuntamento (Sentado A'beira Do Caminho)
Can't Help Falling in Love [Live] 
Ama Credi e Vai (Because We Believe) (2 versions...the one he sang at the Olympics Closing Ceremonies!) 

Did I ever tell you the story of how I first hear Andrea? My little niece was hmm? probably a bit over 1 yrs old, & my mom & I are sitting on the bed & I'm holding her. I'm clicking the channels on the tv fast as my mom & I talk. I hestitated for a bit on PBS for no reason but just talking & I look over at my niece & she is glued to the tv. I take my fingers & snap them like 1/2 inch from her eyes & no blink! We then realize & listen & was like wow! We got his CD & when the 6 CD changer would start playing his CD,  invariably I'd be feeding her cheek! She'd turn when his came on toward where the music was coming from. Only his! It was then I printed out enough A-Gs & taped them to the piano keys & got her playing on my lap on the piano so she would have the sound of saying A, & then the various sounds from the piano & looking at the letter. She loves singing & dancing now. Her brain just grabbed it when she was exposed to it. Her father was great singing & dancing even though he played football for 9 years! Middle linebacker, Safety, Center & kicked....ha! Got razed fr year but then the next year like 9 football players where in the choirs & plays. He played Danny in Grease his Sr year & 100s of people showed up everynight. He got an acting scholarship to my alma mater but alas a woman messed it up in his first semester...what love can do! HA! I do wish he pursued it though or football. He sacked Mike Tomaczak brother 5 times in one game! God that was my favorite game! He'd be like Singletary on the line! He could smell the ball moving! Ok, I think I've disgressed enough! HA! And I think this is quite long enough a posting already & I have much more from the weekend to tell you still & it is late already so as they say "For another day!"



deslily said...

normally this isn't my type of music but i do always stop and listen to Andrea Bocelli ..  

lurkynat said...

hugs Deborah! So glad your brother and his kids spent time with you!

swibirun said...

I can see how you like it but it's just not my cup of tea.


plittle said...

They certainly are great eye candy, aren't they? As singers go, they're simply *not bad*. If you want to be really impressed by someone singing similar material, check out Josh Groban.

demandnlilchit said...

I discovered Andrea Bocelli on PBS too!!! I have been a HUGE fan ever since!!! He is my soak in the tub for hours CD lol!!!! Now from what I have heard and seen of IL DIVO they were put together in an international search by none other than Simon from American Idol fame. They are FANTASTIC!!!

princesssaurora said...

Thank you for the heads up on some beautiful music!

be well,
thanks CarnivAOL