Sunday, April 9, 2006

Patrick's Friday Five

1. Do you like chicken?

Don't you dare touch my "Chicken Little" Ha! OH YA! I love stir frying with it, Boston Market (though we don't have one here anymore!), Chicken Cacciatore, having chicken sandwhiches after you've baked a chicken...just YUM! Actually, I have to share with Dusty. He smells it just cooking & is sitting waiting until he gets some. He is too funny. You can give him a bowl & he will say, "Ok, I'll save that for later & wait to get hand fed some." He is just too smart!

2. What is 1 food you can't live without?

Only 1! UGH! :-) Well the hormone part of me wants to protect Chocolate! HA! Life would just not be as much fun without it! HA! ;-)

3. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Definitley a Night Owl! Just look at most of my journal posting times! HA! Even a bit more in the last few years than I care to be. Pain & meds screwed up my schedule more. I've always been though. A lot of my family is. I use to start studying like 10-11 at night! Quieter then! Then of course one would go out & stay out into the wee hours of the night/morning so....Heck my folks stayed out about 5 years ago until 4am! I was over that night & was freaking! I mean come on you are 60 yrs old! HA! That was the day I realized what they went through when I would do that! They just got gabbing with their friends & lost track of time....ah ha! HA! 
4. Chocolate or vanilla?

I agree with Patrick...depends on what we are talking about here. Ice cream, chocolate bars or fudge or syrup....and what are we using it for! I like both & heck chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream well you can't choose then so....Portillo's Chocolate cake...YUM!

5. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?

I love both! I was just at one of my friends last night & "Thunder" was all over me. He just knew I have not been near a dog for some time & needed some dog love! HA! Apparently, he didn't smell my cats on me. I'd love a New Foundland and Chows, but I hear the Chows are extremely overprotective & jealous. I just want a zoo...any single vets out there! HA!

My Babies:
Country                                         Rugby (1977-1990)
Dusty                                           The Cutest Kitty!


lurkynat said...

You like Chocolate, you're a night person and you like cats and dogs!
you rock! and So do I! lol

mlrhjeh said...

Thanks so much for the incouragement in my journal!

I have never been sick much so this is new and scary.

All three things going wrong at once is alot plus having the low thyroid too.

I have a prescribed pain med but haven't taken it. I don't like taking strong drugs and so I will try to do without it.

Enjoyed reading your journal.

Thanks so much for listening to me whine.

mary Louise

mtrib2 said...

I am taking a new anti-seizure med. for chronic pain ( Lyrica ).    Also the depression up getting up in the morning and not being able to move along with the sedation effect is being treat with a new anti-depressant ( Lexapro).    I have two new entries in my journal.  In MarksDailyJournal I have a photo of Salty and the one before is of a series of photos I took Sunday.     mark