Saturday, April 22, 2006

Moment of Silence for Pam

Not sure how many of you I will catch in 10 min but Pam's memorial service will start CA time at Noon I believe which will be in about 9 min. I thought a moment of silence might be nice. Even probably within the next hour or so if you took a min to think of her family & send them some prayers of strength for right now it might be helpful. I believe it will be.

Also if you got to Pam's tribute for the newspaper obits you can send a message to the family. It is up to 9 pages of messages currently! You should see all the people from around the world leaving messages! Tells you how loved she IS!!!  


dreamingbrwneyes said...

Thinking of her at this very moment...
~ Jenny

nhd106 said...

Good to send out the obit...I signed the guest book already.