Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Self Exploration

I got this from Jessica! I thought it looked like fun & worth exploring to see what I would actually come up with.

  Feeling Achy...probably the rainy weather.

I WANT:  A long vacation on a beach to lay in the sun, walk quietly & find sea shells & listen to the ocean waves & sea gulls. Even better would be to move to the beach! :-)

 I could move to the beach...or woods with a lake.  

I HATE: Well my Grandma said never to "Hate" but what would come close is people who judge but see isn't that judging them and hating them is just as bad. Ok how about this...I hate being in pain.  


I FEAR: Hmmm? People who hate! HA! But I guess that would be true & reasonable.

I HEAR:  My chimes on my deck & Grumpy Old Men Movie.

I WONDER: If he still thinks of me.....

I LOVE: Babies & Children....LOVE! Flowers, cats, really most animals, my family, Vanilla Bean Cheesecake at TGI Fridays (well I do! Ha!), Christmas, surprising people, gardening, being on the beach or in the woods, being loved & loving someone, helping others learn & changing their lives for the better, Noel's artwork, Moonflower scent at the Body Shop, when I'm out of pain, chocolate, gummy bears in Malibu Rum & Pineapple juice (yes, someone understands that Ha!)...this can just go on forever! :-)

I ALWAYS: But I'm a psych prof...there are no "Always" or "Nevers" :-) Hmmm? I always "try" to give love, learn, and help others.

I AM NOT: PERFECT....and others better accept that and not expect it!

 able to think clearly when I am hurt by someone.

I NEED: Love! Doesn't everyone? Just like LeeLoo!

I SHOULD: have told him how I felt about him!


deslily said...

this was good!

umm while it's true "life is short"... playing naked at my age is not an option! lol lol lol

lurkynat said...

did you see that film "run leelo Run?" Iloved it ! I want beach too! Let's go!

imgr8phil said...

I like what you said about hate.  I don't like the word and there is only one person I can actually say that about and that is our President.  Anyway, like your little graphic, life is short  play naked.  Sounds like fun!  LOL  Take care and have a great Thursday.


mtrib2 said...

I am getting better at tolerating pain.    I lose my tolerance with people who spread hate.

swibirun said...

you ALWAYS say that there are no always or nevers. (ha ha ha)