Sunday, April 23, 2006

What Makes You Happy?

Hey everyone....Cyndy has an awesome posting on happiness! I also added some ideas & some sources in the comments. She could have taught my class with that posting...totally correct. In fact I just showed the Happiness movie to my class I mentioned on Cyndy's posting & before I do I ask my students to jot down what makes them happy & what will make them happier. We go through some of them. One said "Bubble Wrap". I had just happened to have a box in class with a panel of it & I gave it to her! HA!

I'd add "Bubbles!" I love making baskets of massage oils etc for wedding showers & then I think for birthdays baskets of fun things to make that inner child be an outer child more! Imagine if we took people from nursing homes outside (heck do it inside!) and had them play with bubbles! :-) Maybe if everyone went out for lunch & played with bubbles the rest of the day would go along much better. Hmmm sounds like a fun experiment for my students! :-)
Kids are so much fun! They really get what life is about! Getting dirty & playing until you are so exhausted you fall asleep at the dinner table! Remember those days? HA! When is the last time you played. God I remember the day I was too exhausted to take my nieces toys out of the bathrub. I got in with them. Did I feel weird....WHY! I had to force myself to play with them. And wow did that help. I think I'll add that to my wedding baskets! I mean it could be fun! ;-)
I love her part about kids! Can you imagine if instead of road raging we just smiled like this girl & stuck out our tongues at people. Ok, so if everyone didn't change at one time it might piss off some goof but just trying to make a point. The smile does make a difference. Oh if we could only stick out your tongue at a parent, boss, spouse etc...seee! Like when a kid does it to you, you do it back to them! HA! We might be better off! Ok, so when you go back to your office you can do it there! HA!

I'd also add how pets are tremendous help in reducing stress & making people laugh. Ok, so sometimes a source of stress too but that is the point...balance it more good than bad. Watching Country looking in the fridge for food just made me laugh hysterically. That cat would eat everything in that fridge. He is just like his daddy (my baby bro!). No my baby brother is in great shape, but when he was in HS playing football he drank protein shakes & ate like you wouldn't believe. Still great shape just worked it off. Dusty is pissed now with technology! He has signs made to boycott flat screen monitors! HA! Such a lovely warm tanning bed he had before! HA! Just petting dogs or cats or even watching a fish reduces blood pressure. Then the laughter man...
Country loves to play when I'm changing sheets. Now one could take that as "this cat is being a pain & I can't get my 'chores' done" but he is just so cute (I think that is what happens with "guys" pain...but sooo cute too! Ha!) And some might say "Ugh the cat is is getting cat hair all over my newly washed clothes!" Pssst! Who cares! Using a brush is worth the laughter to me or you know anyone who has a problem with some cat hair on my clothes doesn't really get what life is really about. They are the reason we have the expression "Get A Life" Ha! At least they weed out the nonanimal lovers for me & I won't waste my time! HA!
Just watching them (well we should get our bodies moving too but...) can be filled with laughter. Country actually thought I couldn't see him since his head was not out! HA! That is just like kids up to a certain point! This is why Peek-A-Boo works etc.
Now just combine kids with pets WOW! HA! Ok, now that I'm thinking about all this I need to get out of here & enjoy some nice weather & go find some kids to watch! HA! Have to grade papers & I'm sure my students would appreciate me being in a good mood when I'm grading them! HA!
Of course some occasional chocolate doesn't hurt either! HA! :-)

Ok, don't forget to check out Cyndy's Post!


cyndygee said...

Love your photos . . .  they make the entry more fun . . .  and bring the subject to life. Thanks for mentioning my entry in AS I AM.  I had tons of fun doing it!!!

So glad you mentioned PETS!  OOOOOOOH, what would life be without Avie, Shadow and Chex!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dogs and even with a degenerating spine . . .   the responsibility and slight change in lifestyle is sooooooooooooooooo WORTH IT for the love, cuddling, and laughter . . .  out and out giggling that comes from having playful loving pets . . .  my little white Maltese is a PERPETUAL puppy and always KEEPS ME ENTERTAINED AND LAUGHING!  Little dickens!  She teaches me to remember to have fun when I watch her play BY HERSELF trying to throw her fave toy up in the air and catch it.  What a scream!

THIS WAS LOTS OF FUN!!!  Hope you're finished grading papers and found some time to PLAY today!

Enjoy your evening,
                        Cyndy   ;-)

mtrib2 said...

I was not looking to have another dog after having a father and son from puppies.   Actually I got the father and when living in a neighborhood word got around that one of the dogs had gotten pregnant that people took care of because the owner was unable to care for himself, let alone a dog.   So I heard that one of the puppies resembled the father, and never saw the dog until he was about 6 months old.    I was working at a hospital and came home after the father had for the first time been gone for 3 days and had a bad cut from fighting on his shoulder.    So I took him and the puppy to have them both neutered.   The father lived for nearly 12 years which is amazing because he had caught distemper as a puppy and I treated him back to health.   The son lived to be 13.   Uriah and Chile.   Then I got Rascal a stray that was about 5 years old and was a small hunting dog and he lived another 4 years and got liver cancer.    So now I have my forth and just built him a large dog pen and he stays in the house at night.         mark

nhd106 said...

Wonderful post!   I couldn't agree more....

lurkynat said...

dear Deborah
hey! thanks a ton!
love ya, natalie
ps your cats rule!