Monday, April 24, 2006

I Can See...I Can See!

I went to get an eye exam today so I could get some fresh contact. It had been a year already man! Well, the first thing I find out is I'm not suppose to be using my Renu Moisture Lock. I had no clue. I had heard about the eye fungus thing but not that this solution was possibly linked. I don't watch the news a lot & didn't see it on the web news.

Sorry...interruption here to scream that the White Sox lost! I'm a Cubs fan but I'll still watch!

Ok so back to my eye exam. He told me that of the 30 people who got the Eye Fungus thing, 26 used the Renu solution. He did add that Renu is the #1 solution though sooo...great example for me to use in class to show between Correlation & Experimentation. So he told me to just hang on to it & gave me some OptiFree.

So next he asks me if I want to try the new AcuVues. I have used Biomedics for years. I inquired & he said they are made of silicon and thus breathe better & don't dry out by the end of the day. Hey...that would be good as I am having that problem more as I get older. When I was in college I could fall asleep with them in, and that was not the time they had those types, and I'd wake up & never even realize I did...except when I realized I could see across the room Ha! Ya, I can't see far! So I say sure! Now does that mean I can answer YES to having silicon implants! HA! So I'm trying the trying the these new ones. Probably 10 years from now they'll tell me I'm blind because of them! (Knock on wood incase I'm supersticious!) They say all the other companies using plastic ones are going to change to silicon. We'll see.

Well I am happy to report my eyes have not gotten worse! YAAA some part of my body is not getting worse! I could see the teeniest, tiniest print up close clearly! YA!!! Perfect on the new machine that does peripheral vision too. And considering my baby brother (shhh you didn't hear me say that) has worse eyse & he is 6 yrs younger than me I'm thrilled! :-)

I do have to go back in a few weeks to get them dialated & check a bit more. I couldn't today since they said I couldn't read up close for 3-4 hours. I have to grade papers so no way. Once school is out then I can...I'm just go shopping! HA! I can do that...just tell me where to sign! HA! I do want to get the more detailed exam as my mom just had a cornea transplant last year & I look like her & have some of her health issues. I also had a head injury in 8th grade that pushed my eye back & cracked my sinus cheek bone from the force. At that time that eye was worse in vision a with age the other has caught up. My eyes are really not that bad...I think 3.25 is the prescription so but just good to keep tabs on them I figure.

You know at the teachers conference I go to last year we were asked which we felt we could do without hearing or vision. What would you pick. I, and a few others, did ask if we were originally born with it & lost it or just born without. That seemed to make a difference somehow. Tough not see children's not see your mate? But then not hear their voice or laugh? To hear MUSIC! Ugh! I'm not sure still but just so grateful today I have both. Mom still has stitches in her eye & it is almost a year. She can't drive still & then she is likely to get the other eye done so that is another year! And she has a convertible Seabring so that is really hard not to be able to drive it. She would live in it. You should see how many times you would have to vacuum the dust from it! HA!

Well fresh contact & I can see so clearly now...maybe that is not so I have to vacuum in here! HA! Let you know how the contacts do later!


deslily said...

It's always good to see lol.. especially when grading papers!! heh.. it helps lol

imgr8phil said...

That's good news about your eyes.  My dad grew up a Cubs fan and I'm sure you still miss Harry Carey . .a one, a two, a three, take me out to the ballgame.  Anyway, have a great Hump Day tomorrow.  


lurkynat said...

so glad you are feeling better!