Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thank You Santa


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Santat!    

Ah James Bond is on the Spike Channel for 8 days! The perfect present for me!  

Laws of Attraction has been on lately as well!


Just received an email from AMC & they have Jame Bond on in Jan! Woo Hoo! ;-) Here is the schedule all shows at 8pm, not sure if that is EST? Check your local listings!

8th:   Dr. No (5:45 also!)
9th:   Goldfinger
10th: Never Say Never Again
11th: For Your Eyes Only
12th: The Living Daylights
13th: Thunderball
18th: Dr. No



lurkynat said...

AH! I lvoeBond too!\nat

gabreaelinfo said...

Have A Very "Bondful" New Years!


swibirun said...

I'm getting a psychic someone in the room fan of action thrillers, something that starts with a B

Bomb?  Wait, Bond, James Bond?

Thanks for your help last night.  You gave me a slew of new ideas:)