Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kicking with the Rockettes!

I'm so excited! I'm just about to leave, run some errands & then head to my folks. We are going to see the Rockettes tonight! My little 8 yr old niece is sooooo excited. I got her an aisle seat because the commercials show them coming through the aisles. I hope she gets to see them up close! She love singing, dancing, costumes & the stage. She does shows for the family! HA! Has a microphone with stand etc. She is just too much! A ham just like her father. Her dad played Danny in Grease his senior year in HS & 800 people showed up the first night & they started so late. He got an acting scholarship to my alma mater for this role. She's probably going to be just like him.

I have to admit I'm excited to see the Rockettes also...must be the bit of cheerleader still down in me. Then again look what reindeer I am! HA!
See what Reindeer you are!

If you can't read...

But the only thing Scarlet about me is my nose (deer)
Frankly my deer I don't give a Damn! (Rhett!)

I know pretty bad but moans are still great! HA!

Well I'll let you know how the Rockettes are & try to take some pictures!


deslily said...

Have fun with the Rockettes!!  I just can't imagine getting into NY with the strike going on!!  I wish you luck getting around in NY!!!  Don't sit tooooo close.. wouldn't want any teeth kicked out!! :o)

Merry Christmas!!

rap4143 said...

Have a great time.  My friend was one of the dancers years ago!!!

dwhee70041 said...

What fun!!!!!!Have a rockin' good time.  David

dreamingbrwneyes said...

I will never forget the year I went to see the Rockettes and my cousin tried to convince me they were men. He's a strange one lol.
I love the Scarlet funny!!!
~ Jenny

eml625 said...

I saw them last year for the first time ever and let me say, it was GREAT !!!!
Enjoy, cant wait to hear about it !


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
Have fun with the Rockettes!

swibirun said...

Hope that you had a great evening!  I've never even seen the Rockettes or the Colorado Rockies for that matter.


sazzylilsmartazz said...

Thanks for visiting my journal for the Christmas caroling. I hope you enjoyed the Rockettes!
Merry Christmas,