Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Beyond Holiday Stress!

Ok, people I know it is getting a bit stressful with shopping & decorating etc. but I think this goes beyond holiday stress! I received these pictures in my email today & just shock my head!
How do you explain this! There is just no reason for it! Not that far. I mean someone clips you before the booth not watching trying to cut in etc but this!? I'd like an explanation! They should have their driving priviledges taken away! No toy is worth this. Just CHILL! This is when I wave to drivers & smile & say, "Sure go right ahead...I don't mind!" Nothing irritates them more when you are not upset by them yelling & making gesture at you! Ha!

Just Click Here and have a bit of a de-stressor!


rap4143 said...

I am so disorganized this year.  My heart is not into the holidays....I lost my best friend to cancer and I know he would would not want me to be this way so I am pushing forward!!!! I am decorated and have to buy a few more presents.

deslily said...

i will never understand why when people get in a car they think they are in a hurry.  I am not working now but when i did.. NO JOB is worth taking a chance with my life!  If I'm late, so be it... live with it!  But then no matter where i would go i always left way early to get where i was going, then if things slowed me down on the way it really didn't matter.    What doesn't get done today will get done the next day... big deal.  (and if tomorrow never comes? oh well.. someone elses job!)   lol...  if you are in that much of a hurry... don't get behind the wheel of a car!  sheesh... tis the season huh?


lurkynat said...

it isreally hard

dreamingbrwneyes said...

I get so mad when I see things like that, and especially the news reports of parents fighting over toys. Come on, it's just crazy. Each year a little more of the Christmas spirit gets sucked out. It definitely was more fun when I was a kid.
~ Jenny