Saturday, December 17, 2005

Laugh Away Some Holiday Stress!

Are you getting stress out yet? I wasn't doing too bad until I ran out of cat food and headed to WalMart. I looked at the parking lot & my head went down & I shock my head & said "Why Me?!" HA! Now is not the time to run out of something! Mental note for next Christmas, stock up on all stables before Dec 1st! :-)

Ok, so I go into WalMart & I said, it is a choice...either I can make it miserable or I can just enjoy and have fun. So I go for the cat food smiling at people and taking in all their joyous faces...well the ones that were joyous! Then I looked at the "fishies". You know they say watching fish lowers your blood pressure. I think I would need to live in the ocean to lower mine enough points! HA!  Good thing I'm a pisces! :-)

Then I said, ok, you are here & the lines are long anyway so I did the rounds in the Christmas aisles and had some fun pushing the buttons on the talking plush for the kids to listen! Thanks Dad (read past post!). Talked to someone with a Batman that was as tall as my hip & again looked like he was on Steroids, but not as bad as Superman (read past post!). She agreed Batman is just not the same! :-)

Then I saw 3 little boys walking with this big box. The biggest boy could barely hold on to it. They were apparently getting one of those massage pads for a chair for someone they loved. I thought that was just the sweetest thing. They had these HUGE smiles on their faces like this was something planned and they were so proud of. Don't you just love kids! Hey...was this suppose to be a frustrating time..hmmm! ;-)

Then guess what...I find a short line! That alone is something to say:

(That phrase has been growing on me over the years!) I get home & I have more Christmas cards in my mailbox! Another Whoo Hoo! Make that a double because yesterday I got no mail...again! Now I'm not a person to not get mail. I get more junk mail than regular mail! HA! Yep, today an envelope has "blocked" and yesterday's date on it. Don't you love those neighbors who park in front of mailboxes! UGH! I don't get many cards usually, even though I send out a truck load with a letter, so it only takes one to excite me! Seems some of my relatives still like to do the "Family" card to my folks. HELLO! I'm 40 yrs old, when do I get my own? If someone says I have to be married, I'm going to turn them into Santa!

A card from my one cousin who always has a humorous letter! And I LOVE the picture cards! One of her son's is in 7th grade & tested at the Soph college reading level! Dang...sign him up for my classes! The boys are a hoot! Each with their own unique personalities. I just love watching that. School, tooth fairies & sports are the themes. I headed out to one of their ball games this summer. Actually, I watched two at once. Had to stand between both ball fields & keep looking back & forth like a tennis match! HA! But it was so much fun. My cousin is dear to my heart for many reason but one in particular is because she also has a ZOO like me! HA! I love hearing about all their furry family members! She is worse than me...birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, hamsters etc. I also love looking at kids signatures at various ages! They are soooo cute! As I hung the cards up I thought 'man I'd love to personally thank the person who came up with double stick tape!' Ha!

Well, I also wanted to share with you two journals I read today that gave me HUGE, CRYING LAUGHS which were very much needed! First, Pat's journal Here, There & Everywhere! Her story about Pookey & DeForest Kelley (remember from Star Trek) is hysterical! Look at her archives (recent) she knows quite a few hollywood stars! Second, look at Dave's Dead Investigations. He is actually guest editor this week! I was in tears laughing at his entries Your Fat or Your Life and Have Gun Will Travel and just added Confessions of a Geek Wannabee. Officers are a hoot! They have to be to stay sane! Trust me, you want to get rid of some holiday stress, reading these journals just melts it all away! more stress and off I go happily to get a few things done.


orangekiss3 said...

thank you for stopping bye My Journal! Happy Holidays to you as well! =)

eml625 said...

WooHoo !! You just made me want to shout that out !!

hee hee


gabreaelinfo said...

Funny post. I will check out their links later. I posted a Childs Christmas Prayer in mine today.


deslily said...

You little "pimp" you lol lol.. we need to find you a lite up fancy car for pimping our journals! LOL LOL.. too funny... thanks for mention it, and glad you enjoyed it!!

btw, how did you find that picture of me and my christmas tree?? lol!

swibirun said...

That Pookey story was great!  I've been meaning to ask you, is there a resource that you know of regarding the psychology of humor?  I've been wanting to read about it but I've been too lazy to google it.  I thought you might know of something off the top of your head.


lurkynat said...

cute Deborah!

rap4143 said...

I love your entry :).