Saturday, December 10, 2005

Season of Giving

Watching Larry King with Marlo Thomas talking about St. Jude's. They have a new Thanks & Giving Campaign. Many retail stores are participating. Check out the site, there is a scrolling list on the bottom. You can also order the green wristbands for $2. They have adult & child size! They also have a cool "Hope" necklace & braclet. Check out the Holiday collection too. The idea is to give thanks that you have a child (or niece, nephew, grandchild etc) who is healthy and to give to help those who do not. 84 cents of a dollar goes directly to the hospital & 72% of the money that runs St. Jude comes from donations.

If you are not familiar with St. Judes, it is in Memphis & they serve from Birth-19 yrs of age. You are not charge 1 penny! They fly you there & even later for visits during the year, they pay for meals, medication, housing etc. Target & many others have built buildings of 2 bedroom housing for families to stay together. Tiger Woods donated the library. They treat the kids as individuals and make the place fun and safe. Marlos' father Danny (for those who remember him) started St. Jude's so that no child would die because they could not afford healthcare. One of the cancers had a 4% success rate when Danny started the hospital & today it is over 86%. They do research right there & share their work around the world. The doctor who discovered the working of T-Cells is from their & received the Nobel Prize, fulfilling Danny's idea of what they could accomplish.

What a great way to make the Christmas Spirit fill your heart through giving children more hope. You can be one of their angels!


eml625 said...

I've noticed a lot of TV spots about this hospital lately. They are promoting it more.
Great entry.


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
Great entry, I saw Jerry Lewis tear up when Larry had a special about allof the great things that Danny thomas did and starting this hospital was the main one!

nhd106 said...

Thanks Deborah....I just ordered 2 things.  I love that charity.