Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Bandit is Frosty!

If you can't read it...

"It's not worth it Roy, Lets just give him (rabbit with hair dryer pointed at them) our noses (carrots) & let him go."

Did you see the link on AOL's home page?

Burt Reynolds singing Frosty the Snowman (click) and a video of the Legend of Frosty the Snowman? (click) Frosty lifts his own head off his body...ICK! Listen, man is that odd. Not sure what Burt sounds like? Maybe just getting old. He will be 70 yrs old in 2006...man that is hard to believe. How did the Bandit get that old? Actually, I think I'd rather have Jerry Reid sing! HA!

Well, I still like the Classics! You can watch some clips of Christmas Show Classics (click)if you like. I got my 3 pack for Christmas last year (Frosty, Rudolph & Santa Claus is Coming To Town). I remember my little niece a few years ago kept exclaiming to everyone that "Santa Clause was coming TO TOWN" emphasizing those last two word so much it was hysterical. I'm so excited. She gets out of school Friday like me. My folks are flying in from AZ tomorrow morning! YA! I haven't seen them since beginning of Nov. The four of us are going to see the Rockettes next Tues evening & I'm sooooo excited. My niece wanted to see them & then my folks said they wanted to go. My niece is at the age now where if she sees something she doesn't forget! Ha! Before you could get away with not doing something if you couldn't, but now, nope...she sees it & she'll remind you plenty! I'll bring my camera & see if I can take some pictures. My niece loves dancing & singing & the whole stage & big costumes will just get her so excited. Got her an aisle seat as they come through the aisle dancing! I'm just excited to see her expression.

Well, that was my dinner break. Back to grading. Going to go to Meditation tonight though. I can really use it this week. Didn't get much sleep last night so I may head to bed early & get up early. We are suppose to get hit with snow again tomorrow afternoon/evening so I'll try to head in earlier so I can get out of there.


schoolgal040 said...

Hello There Debbie~
You are so right, there is nothing like the Christmas classics. Burt Reynolds with his 35 or so plastic surgeries as a Christmas classic.....ewwwww! That's just wrong......LOL! I'm like you. I like my Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty the Snowman and good old Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Of course there are many more, but not Burt!

Hope you have got things graded or close to it and are enjoying any free time you have, you deserve it Professor.

Take Care Debbie,

lurkynat said...

Nice entry Deborah! lots going on there! Well havea geat time wiht your neices!
hugs, natalie

deslily said...

oh nice!  Going to see the Rockettes!! woohooo...  I've never seen anything "on stage", but with music vibrating in your body i imagine no matter who or what is on stage will be something you remember.



deslily said...

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!  I'm Caroling thru J-land!!