Monday, December 5, 2005

Gift of Christmas Spirit!

Hi Everyone!

I would like to share a incredible gift of Christmas spirit with you. When I was at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in AZ a number of years ago Dr. Wayne Dyer played this woman's song of "Amazing Grace". Now I was never a fan of this song because it just always reminded me of funerals. Her version sent chills through me. It was like every cell of my body was filled with light/energy. It is the only version I like...well not true, I think I do appreciate the song more because of her version.

Cecilia is her name & she has a new Live Christmas Concert CD which you can listen to through her website. I have the link below & then her main page in case you would like to check out her other CDs. She has the most amazing voice I have every heard. Amazing Grace is on this CD along with many others I believe you will love. She does talk between the songs of God. I do like the reminder messages she provides, but I know everyone has different levels and kinds of spirituality. I believe God is God...we may all honor God differently or call him something different, but if need be just listen to the songs or even just her voice. Feel the music. 

It also reminds me that we are all given different gifts. Can you imagine a teacher when she was young complaining she can't do math or spell correctly? I agree it is very important & one should have it pointed out & helped to improve but remembering this just may not be something you are on this planet for. Can you imagine no funding in a school for the arts? If her gift of voice was never brought to the world it would be so very sad. 

I hope you enjoy her voice and I hope you will share it with others!

P.S. When you click on Introduction it will apparently play all the songs. It will pause & you think it finishes after a song but wait it should continue. At least it did for mine.


lurkynat said...

Thanks Deborah! She is truly inpsirational!

dreamingbrwneyes said...

You just gave me a great idea for a Christmas gift, thank you!!
~ Jenny