Thursday, December 8, 2005

Naughty or Nice?

Someone sent me this Naughty or Nice Website today. I came up pretty good. Well, heck, this past year I haven't been able to get into too much trouble with all the injuries taking me out of commission. HA! I love the picture above. Somehow I think that tilted halo is me! ;-) I'd be like Maria in the Sound of Music! HA! Although I don't think I would enter a convent in the first place! HA!

One bad kitty! :-)

Country is actually being a good tonight but that is because I'm nursing my baby. Poor Country just gets tooth plaque from breathing. I'm constantly chipping it off. He almost has to go in every 3 mo. Well, I noticed his back bottom molar was 1/2  dark (getting dark) so I made an apt for him. Yesterday I actually moved his tongue & looked on the inside & saw he had an abscess. Well, years of being a dentist's daughter paid off....sorta. They called today to say I was right & that the tooth was cracked. He also had an abscess on the other back bottom molar. Ugh! I didn't get to look at everything, cats are not too thrilled to keep their mouths open.

So he got a cleaning & both teeth extracted. Luckily I didn't have to go back up north & pick him up in the nasty snowstorm we have. My baby brother (shhh...don't tell him I said that...he hates it, but sorry that is who he is in my heart no matter how old he gets!) picked him up for me on his way back from work. Poor Country is not doing so great. He is so out of sorts. Just gave him some antibiotics & pain meds. I think I need the pain meds from seeing the bill! HA! Dr. Fleming is just wonderful though. Dusty has been going to him now for almost 16 yrs. I was shocked to see Dr. F. cut his ponytail though. I actually liked it. Don't on all men but his looked good. Dr. Fleming is Awesome! He use to come to the house for many years. That helped tremendously. I saw him carrying out a big dog to someone's car today. One day I came in for Dusty & Country's vaccinations & he came in the room still teary eyed from just putting down a dog. He has a heart of gold. This is why I made sure Dusty didn't bite him when the shot apparently hit a nerve a few yrs ago. I certainly didn't want to be bit, but I'd rather it be me than him. Trust me, you do not want a cat bite! Take it really seriously when they tell you to go on antibiotics right away! Dog bites bleed out but cat bites are punctures & your hand will get huge!

Dr. Fleming!

If you can't read it....

Dear Santa...

If you want a new bike under the tree, I will give you the antidote to the poison I put in the milk. Timmy

I'd say Timmy is headed for the naughty list....then again maybe he was on it & Santa wasn't too smart! HA!

It is still snowing & blowing hard here! YIPES!

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lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
Awww Poor Country! I'm so glad that Country is feeling ok.