Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Polar Express Contest

Hey go to the Polar Express website! You can enter into their Wish List Contest. I filled out mine!

What would you put on your list?

They have the movie playing at IMAX now. I haven't seen it yet! Well, remember I just got back to work right before Thanksgiving from my foot surgery last year so I wasn't able to do much. I want to go see it now. I love the music & song by Josh Groban!  

Have Fun!


rap4143 said...

A new lens for my camera.

deslily said...

i love Josh Grobans voice... he's very distinctive.. sooooooooo good!!

love tom hanks too lol... anything he does is worth watching!!

lurkynat said...

oh Deborah! Ilove his music so much too!
hugs, nat

randlprysock said...

That was an awesome movie.  The graphics were just captivating!  We took the kids to see it and they loved it.  Hugs,
Lisa :)