Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Snowbabies & Then Some

In case you can't read the text:

"Would you look at that? They're making a baby right in The Front Yard!"

"It's Disgraceful"


Well it is 3 degrees right now & we're suppose to get 3-5 inches of the white stuff tomorrow. We'll see. Last weekend they were wrong!

In case you are looking for Stocking Stuffers how about some Superman Tags & you'll be supporting a great cause also! They also have a lovely silk Superman robe for your own personal superman! ;-) And if your man is really fun...they actually have an adult costume! :-)

I also saw this fun test on desserts & your personality! And what did I pick? HA! Chocolate all the way baby! YUM! I'd say it fits perfectly!

Oops...its 2 degrees now! YIPES!

Well, gotta take Country to the Vet tomorrow morning...he has an abscess in his back molar.  That cat needs his teeth cleaned every 3 mo! Ugh! There goes his christmas presents...HA! Nah, got them already. I tell you they are just like kids! And now I have to feed Sam & Ella their Superworms & Night Crawlers...YUM! HA!


rap4143 said...

Chocolate would be my choice.  I am on diet so I probably could eat anything that is glued down LOL.

lurkynat said...

cute entry Deborah! who eats the worms?