Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Brrr....Where is my Flannel Jammies?

Dang, if anyone has a problem with me in flannel jammies then too bad!

Right Now 

Clear 0°F
Feels Like 0°F

Updated Dec 7 03:45 a.m.   


rap4143 said...


coy1234787 said...

78 degrees and not a cloud
in the sky here in South Florida ....
Beautiful day for the beach.

Sorry ... I just love saying that this
time of year. Put some socks on.

      *** Coy ***

deslily said...

*teeth chattering*.. ummm yaayaayaa neeed neeed neeed mmmmmore then jjjjust jjjjammies!!

wheredidpetego said...

Hi there,

Despite the fact we're in a little debate over in Scalzi's journal, just wanted to say I was clicking through your home page -- very interesting stuff about male/female communication.

dreamingbrwneyes said...

And I thought it was cold here, WOW you win!!
~ Jenny

lurkynat said...

dear Deborah,
Brrrrrr!:):):) And I can hear your cat purring by the fireplace!