Sunday, December 4, 2005

My Favorite Movie!

I love this entry by Dreamingbrwneyes - take a look!

** Have to add this one too! AWESOME JODI! Who me?...I would never say or do anything because it was the right thing to say at the that time, even though it broke my heart! :-(

Oh & love that pix! :-)

I'll bet all of us wonder this from time to time.

I also love it because of the picture! :-) The Passion of the old movies! Ahhh! I could get lost in that feeling. My favorite movie & I LOVE this scene when George TRIES so hard to fight his feelings for Mary, but his spirit just can't resist enough! HA! Guys are just funny aren't they! Ok, so I'm not the best at telling guys how I feel either so....but like the scene where he wasn't coming to visit her...just happened to "go by her house while out walking"....HA!

You know I think Mary was the first Martha Stewart! What do you think? Amazing what that woman did with that "house"! Now if that is not Hope from Love! Love can do amazing things can't it!

Has anyone ever found out where they found that name "ZuZu" (spelling?) I mean was that popular then? Now I like unusual names but still...

Speaking of Angel's Getting Their Wings...ok, so I'm bringing it up now! HA! I bought two brushed silver bell ornaments yesterday. 50% off of course! :-) The are for my Purple & Silver tree in my bedroom. Well, this one guy was strolling his kid around in the store & was watching me jingling the bells as I walked everywhere! HA! He was smiling quitea bit. Well, I figured this world needs a bunch of angels right now to help us all out right! HA! At least you couldn't lose me in the store! Well, let me correct sister still managed to! HA! Well, I have to give her some slack...she just dumped a guy so her head is not 100%. Personally, I would have no problems giving him his walking papers! No pangs of grief for him....I never have that kind ofluck though. Mine are just always circumstances which get in the way of finding out! Ugh! It would be so much easier if they were just a jerk! HA!

Oh & then I was in the grocery store & they have these plasma tvs in the produce section. I'm picking out apples, some new varities to try (I love the Braeburns!) and this guy on the tv says, "I'm sooo excited.....blah, blah, blah..." I rolled my eyes & and I look up & this young male teen, I'm guessing 15 yrs old, is smiling at me. Apparently, he saw me roll my eyes & thought it was funny too & what I did was funny. I smiled & laughed back. His mom was seriously into the lettuce & had no clue! HA! Our little inside joke! It was fun. I love doing that. I make a habit of waving to kids in the back seats of cars when my car stops half way by theirs. Well, I've always thought it has to be boring just sitting back there. It is so great to see the kids smile & sometimes wave back & the parents have no clue. I put holiday cling-ons on my car windows for them too. Oops gotta get mine on now! Heck, I even get some smiles from adults too!

Now see this can all be blamed on my mom...but of course! She was the one that had like 30 kids in our backyard when we were young. She had the flavor ice sticks & Kool Aid etc. Then again, my dad certainly can occasionally have some fun with the kids. We were once in Sams club & this mother tells her son not to touch the talking Snowmen. Oh get real lady! What is your problem! What a Scrouge for a mom! That is torture. I should have turned her in for Abuse! Well, my dad hers her & sees the kids dissapointment. Can you guess it?! My dad goes & and in front of the mother, tell sthe kid "Watch this!" and he presses every single one of the snowmen's feet to make them all talk! HAAAAAA! LMAO! (If only that was really possible!) That day I just LOVED my dad so much! He can be so much fun if he allows it to come out. Mom always did say he was better with kids than adults & I guess this proves it! HA!

Well, make some kid smile tomorrow & see how it makes you feel! :-)


lurkynat said...

hi Deborah! yeah this has been my favorite movie for along time!

dreamingbrwneyes said...

It's such a great movie, I love the part when Mary is little and she whispers in the ear he can't hear in and says "George Bailey, I'll love you until the day I die" If only love today was like in the old movies...
~ Jenny