Saturday, December 1, 2007


Ya!!!! It's December!!! And it is coming to us white supposedly! We are due for a Winter Storm starting tomorrow afternoon! Starting about 2pm we are due for some wintry mix & then later freezing rain. Sun will be 44 degrees so it will not last but then in the evening again some freezing rain. Not quite the white fluffy stuff, but hopefully that will be soon. Maybe after finals week so I'll have some time to play & quite frankly find a new coat. I need 2 new coats, a dressy one & a everyday/play one. Sigh. Except for being less tolerant of the cold as when I was younger, I do love winter snow! It always seems warmer when it is snowing or when I use to ski.

I had a rough time last night with my tummy. Didn't get to bed until after 5am UGH! So I did my classes & then came home & after a bit I tried to lay down about 4:30 & everyone kept calling me...ha! My new GI doc did call me though & said to go back on the probiotics, I went off a few days ago thinking it might be the reason, and she also wants me to try the Zantac this weekend & call her on Monday. She may stick me back on a course of antibiotics for the bacteria imbalance again. I guess some people have to chronically their whole life. I seem to get to 4 months & then have trouble again. I was hoping the probiotics would take care of it, but we may have to zap it back to normal & then the probiotics can maintain. Finally, I was falling asleep on the phone with my mom so I told her I would call her back. I had my alarms set for 6:20 & 7pm & slept right through them until 9pm! Ugh! Talked to my mom again, she is a real hoot lately. My head is starting to hurt though & it is funny, my mom did say the Zantac stuff did that to her. Ugh! I took some Arthritis Tylenol we'll see. Oh if you could say some prayers for my brother I'd appreciate it. Maybe nothing but he has an apt on Mon and I figure it can't hurt. I'll let you know when I know how things go.

So tomorrow I will hopefully run a few errands before the winter storm says "Hello" and then I'll stay in & be toasty & have some hot chocolate maybe and grade & decorate. I think it should be relaxing. Sun I may be able to take my little niece to see the Rockettes? She has been sick with that 5th Disease. I had it as a kid and apparently her whole class is getting it. Her sister & mom have it now...ha! I remember I got it around 4th of July & I could not go in the sun with it so I could not participate in our neighborhood bike parade & games etc. I was sooo bummed. I'll have to see how the weather is & if there is still some tickets. She is so bummed we may not be able to go but I told her it might be God's way of saying to try something else new this year. We'll see. She loves dancing. Oh & the Rockettes will be on tv on today (Sat) 8pm ET. So she can watch that too. It is fun though going. She has a Rockette Barbie & the CD of the music now. This would be the 4th yr I think we have gone. We have a great time. My dad & mom went the first year when they the Rockettes were here longer in Dec & my dad had such a great time. I love watching him laugh.

One more week & then finals week. YES! Big :-) I get an extra week off this year too because we will go back a week later in Jan! :-) It means we go a week longer in May but I don't mind that. Sometimes it is still cool anyway. I'd rather not have to go back right after the new year...need to rest & enjoy a bit. I have to get my foot x-rayed next week so it will be a busy week with PT 2 days also.

I was kinda bummed last my confirmation that indeed my secret formula (right) of trying not to get older is not working. I had noticed for about 2 weeks that the itty bitty print was causing some eye strain. You know like the tiny print they put on packages etc. I don't know if I ever could read that! I swear they just make it so small so we don't read it & so they comply with having it in writing. Well, I went into my eye dac & she was smiling & waiting for me. She said you are having problems aren't you & I was like how do you know? She said see this number...I was waiting for you since your last appointment in June to let me know. Apparently some eye meaurement from the machine said I should...measures the layers of your lens, she said it is like an onion? Well, she said from 40-42 yrs is the typically age range so I did get to extend it almost a year from that. Ha! It really isn't bad, she said it is just a consequence from being nearsighted & the prescription to correct for that. If I take my classes off I should be able to read about 14 inches from my eyes. Problem is I wear my contacts most of the time. Now she did say that how tired my eyes are, lighting etc will make a difference. So I can either wait to read when I have my glasses on & take them off for the tiny print or....I have to pick up a pair of +1.00 reading glasses...ARGGGGGGHHHHHH! Why is it that wearing glasses for nearsightness or even reading when we are younger is not a big deal but when it comes to later in age it is so hard to handle? HA! And it is not like I'm that vain but just the idea of wearing them. Ugh! I know they have cool fun colored ones & I probably will get something like that if I have to get them but geez! I know I have friends & colleagues who are younger & wearing them but somehow that just doesn't help. I haven't told my family yet. HA! Chris knows but he has reading glasses already but he is 4 yrs older too so. I am going to call my doc though...I was going to do the Lasik & asked if it would correct for this & she said no just the nearsightedness & she said it comes back eventually (?) but I just saw an ad for Bausch & Lomb & they have contact that have for both? I'm going to ask her about them. I know this is some type of test I'm probably failing...being comfortable & not caring but damn it if I start to feel like I'm old then I will be so I'm going to fight it as long as I can! HA! Ok, I should get some sleep.


chat2missie said...

Some wintery mix is heading our way for Sunday.  I'm actually looking forward to it so I can try out my 4x4 jeep.  Enjoy your weekend.

sunnyside46 said...

I have about 40 pairs of reading glasses and can never find any of them. It' s God's joke that when you get old enough to have reading glasses you are so old you forget where you put them.

mariealicejoan said...

I have the opposite problem.  I have to take my glasses off to read!  Either that or I need longer arms!