Sunday, December 2, 2007

I LOVE "The Chubby Guy From OK!"

Hey Everybody...

GAC channel has the Garth Brooks Concert I saw in the theaters a few weeks ago broadcasting on their station. Check out the
schedule of dates. Now, before you think I am calling him "The Chubby Guy from OK" take a look at his newest video (scroll down!) and then the short videos after where he explains the inspiration for it etc. He is the one who called himself this & I'm like baby...JUST MORE TO LOVE! HA! I nearly died when I saw him with his shirt off near the closet. HA! I know I'm pathetic. That video is great for my many are! Only someone who has lost someone they loved understands that video in every cell of their body. If he didn't already have a wonderful wife I'd ask Santa for him...well hell my mom asked & got my dad! No kidding! Well, not on Christmas but she did get him & considering it will be 45 years in July I'd say Santa picked a good one for her. Hmmm...maybe I should have a talk with Santa...speaking of loveable chubby guys! HA!

I also love in the Think Pink video when Garth says "I think you know you are around good people when they keep wanting you to be a better person". I SOOOO believe that. It isn't to say you are not a good person to start off fact, they see you are & that is why they push you to be even better, they see the potential in you...heck that is probably why they want to be around you so much. To inspire each quote on my emails professionally is "Aspire to Inspire before you Expire" I just love it! It really is what my spirit feels & tries to do I think since I was little. Of course inherent in that is the idea or rather the BELIEF that people can change...including yourself! If you live each day trying to be a better person that is all anyone can be expected to do. And if you really think about it, you should be grateful for what seems to be "failures", though I don't believe they necessarily are, because they are just leading you to something better. It is like when Ann-Margart says that great line by Edward Albee from the Zoo Story in Grumpy Old Men, "Sometimes you have to go a long way out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly." Almost sounds like an excuse why men never stop & ask for directions! HA! But it is true...the long scenic way can be much more interesting and you get so much more strength out of it. Doing things the easy way in life just does not benefit as much. I know I know it doesn't have to be so hard sometimes but...Ok, I'm going to go dream about Garth...shhhh...if I can with these 40mph winds man!


mariealicejoan said...

I am a great fan of Garth and have been since the beginning.  I love his song and video "The Dance." and also "Standing Outside the Fire".  That video really had alot of meaning for me as I have a Developmentally Handicapped daughter who competes in the Special Olympics frequently.  In fact she will be representing the Maritime provinces in the Canadian Winter Special Olympics this February in Quebec City.  Can you tell I am a proud mom!

xomywayox said...

I have always had a lusty thing for GB. There is just something sexy about this man. And about the chunky snowmen...I got it from someone else...and I can't remember where! Sorry..