Sunday, December 16, 2007

Artsy Essay Contest...Santa's Trinkets

Since I was a little girl I have always been the first to awaken on Christmas morning, despite getting home late from Midnight Mass. Still to this day, I guess I am like a little kid who can't wait to see "the big load" Santa has brought. I take pictures of it before we start opening. The anticipation is just so awesome! Makes me all tingly! All the odd shaped boxes, to think what might be in them? What love did someone take picking each item out. Each Christmas morning I'm trying to wake my siblings to see what Santa has brought. This is still not an easy task now that we are much older! Ugh! I remember one Christmas we did not open presents until later in the day & it almost killed me! HA!

I think my favorite part is the Christmas Stockings. Christmas Stockings are just soooo much fun. There are always a few things sticking out that you can recognize who the stocking is for. Then the bulges on the sides...I wonder what that might be? Christmas stockings are always filled with little fun trinkets. Still to this day my mom makes them so special. She'll find little things that seem to really speak to each of her children's spirit to make us feel special. You can really tell she really does know you with the items she finds. She is the best Santa of all! Fun Christmas socks, hair clips, earings, bath oil balls, ornaments, make-up, etc. Oh well not for the boys....ha...they get socks, and some cologne, probably match box cars when they were younger etc. Then all the tiny holes inbetween everything is filled up with Christmas Candy...and oh always a big solid Chocolate Christmas Santa! If she can find white chocolate for me she is even more thrilled. (White chocolate bunnies at Easter are easier!) We still have the stockings today we had as kids! As I get further down into my stocking I try to guess what something is before I pull it out to see it. At times, a puzzling look, and a very tired mom saying..."Give that to your sister or brother...Santa was very tired last night & didn't have his glasses on!" HA! Other times a note for an I OWE YOU because Santa's elves could not get it done in time or was sick or would not be in production for a few more weeks. :-)

One year my folks bought us each these HUGE peppermint sticks. I want to say they were like 5 or 10 lbs. They were each in a big box and we could not even lift them. My dad was chipping them throughout the whole year for all of us to eat. I looked online now for them but only find 3 lb ones. Now mind you my dad just retired a few yrs ago from Dentistry! HA! That was over 29 yrs ago & I still remember them! I think my favorite stocking items is the little ornaments my mom finds me. One year my mom got me a orange porcelain doll bell. The legs jingle under her dress. I turned the doll around & it had a date printed with gold glittery ink. I took a second look & realized it was the previous year! I asked mom & she said she hid it so well last year she forgot where she hid it. I had such a was just the FUNNIEST present I think I've received! Then she said she almost didn't find it again for that year. My Santa is a hoot! Last year I gave everyone the beanie bear below in their stockings...isn't he just too cute! Every Walgreens I saw I was grabbing what I could. I still have a few! :-) This year Elves! ;-)

About 6 yrs ago my dad (secret big Santa in him!) decided to get my nieces 6 ft stockings...WOW...did that change things! HA! We were stuffing wrapped presents in them even! These days we all seem to play Santa & fill stockings for each other. I have been collecting little things all year round. Last year Santa left my little niece a square Santa Box and a bell on a red ribbon, just like in The Polar Express! (I had fun doing that!) I just found it for my niece in her closet last week & she was so thrilled to have it to put out for Santa this year by her cookies & milk.

I'll make a post on what we all get this year! I'm sure though it will be filled with FUN!

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mariealicejoan said...

Loved your little essay.  There's some nice christmas memories in there.  I always wanted a stocking and have never had one.  I think I shall have to rectify that!  I got my kids HUGE candy canes one year.  They were enormous!  The kids loved them!  I cannot imagine a six foot stocking! WOW!

judithheartsong said...

what a wonderful post. Stockings were always my kids' favorite as well:) They could open them during Christmas breakfast and I searched high and low for the most wonderful little things to put in there.

Thank you for bringing back a good memory for me too:):):)


sunnyside46 said...

this was so sweet. I really like reading it