Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Secrets for Santa

This was just adorable! It was on Mary Louise's again...wanted to share it with all of you though!

My little niece told Santa what she wanted this year but would not tell me what she wanted...had to have an elf tell me! ;-) Now I have to go out & get it.

I think I'm getting her this Rockette's Book too from him. Chris got it for me & had it wrapped when I got to his house after my roll over on Sat. He gave it to me. I asked him if that was my Christmas present because I didn't want to open it & he said, "Just open it!". It did make me smile. He did it all on his own...I had no idea there was a book on them. It was sooo sweet. He ordered another for her thinking I might want to give it to her. :-)


mariealicejoan said...

Once again I am so glad that you were not hurt in the accident.  A Christmas miracle for sure.  Love the picture at the top of this entry!

chat2missie said...

How have you been feeling since the accident?  I've been thinking of you.

slapinions said...

I love the pic on top too . .

My wife and oldest daughter went to see the Rockette's a few years back and loved them.

Enjoy the book.